The Secret, Rhonda Bryne

“You are the most powerful magnet in the universe! You contain a magnetic power within you that is more powerful than anything in this world, and this unfathomable magnetic power is emitted through your thoughts.” Rhonda Byrne

THE SECRET-Rhonda Byrne

I love the above lines. But I am fascinated by many more from the book –The Secret. This ‘self help’ book lashes out beautiful thoughts. I am thankful to my friend for gifting me this one.  🙂 I was enthralled by the outburst of positive vibes of this one but it was difficult to grasp it all at one go. Imbibing it completely and putting into implementation would be a harder task. This book gives you valid reasons to lock all the negative thoughts in a closet and dump them in the deep waters faraway. The secret actually works if you embrace it with open arms.

What holds us back from achieving our dreams? It tells all, Read the book and each one of you will have a separate answer and definitely a unique learning. The book says to eat, drink; sleep and most importantly THINK just the POSITIVE. I loved it but if somehow I could get a command on it, there would be no failure, no sadness at all. It explicitly talks about the power of our thoughts. One can attract anything in life just by how one thinks. That’s Law of Attraction and the book emphasizes on it from start to end.

For ages there have been secrets lost, mapped, hidden, plundered, revealed but this one is a striking disclosure quite unlike its name. Once you read the book you would realize, there isn’t anything ‘Secret’. We know it all but quite often we forget to put into practice. The book says like attracts, the positive vibes circulate at the same frequency of our positive thoughts and fetch positive results. If you want something desperately, you just have one job to do “focus on achieving it “with the thoughts about owning it. The rest will be taken care by the positive vibes generated with it. The vision and voice from inside has to be more profound than the opinions outside.

It’s one amongst the many controversial books. Some say it instills false hope but I would say it’s an asset for those who are searching for happiness. It is a secret to prosperity, health, relationships, yourself and the world. It offers to solve the complex puzzle called LIFE and its intricacies; we need a strong belief in our thoughts. Though every page of the book comes with a striking divulgation but as a whole it emphasizes on ‘Being Positive’ and the mantra is ‘positive thoughts’.I wonder if i could ever erase the negative ones, i would be the blessed one.  😉

The wisdom talks just spill out magically. If you feel it’s an exaggeration. The writer has been very convincing by testifying it from several contributors who have actually benefited with these secrets. It revolves around life and Godliness. Reading through the pages is a complete learning about personal development. The outcome would be in the real time life. A slight change in ones perspective, the way of thinking can fetch just the desired result. It’s a secret to the fulfillment of our dreams. Our thoughts can help us achieve the impossible- the book reveals it wonderfully in the SECRET.

I love books. I enjoyed reading this one as well, so thought of sharing it with everyone. I hope the positive message radiates just at the right frequency. 😉

Happy Reading!!!

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