Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding


It’s simple, loving and a truly warm story. Especially the end was very satisfying (though a surprise well kept), as if the writer knew what the readers wanted. I picked up Nicholas Sparks’s book on a friends advice and I am added to the fan list already. Though I am told this isn’t the best of his works but definitely good one to start with. If you have a soft corner for the mushy-mushy tales, just Go for it.

The Wedding-It makes you laugh and cry at the same time. It doesn’t let you discontinue the read. I had to slow down or halt at times as I too work for a living. But the heartwarming tale made sure I came back and read again. It’s kinda mature and thoughtful book which makes you grow as you read. It’s a wonderful read through, remindful of some very precious lessons of life. This is what I captured-‘You may not be able to change the past but the future is in your hands which can always be rectified and it’s never too late to make up for the lost time.’

It’s the story of Wilson, his realization, his introspection and his acts of making up for the lost charm of his relationship with his wife Jane. Well we tend to forget birthdays and anniversary but this one will not let you dare forget anything concerning your spouse. Wilson forgets his 29th wedding anniversary, which speaks of his changed priorities in life and his attitude of taking things for granted. Family had taken a backseat and love of his life had vanished. And now it’s high time that he questions himself, his actions.Before it’s too late, he takes a break from work and makes sincere efforts to revive the magic of his relationship with his lovely wife. As the name goes, when Anna, elder daughter of Jane and Wilson declares to get married, the whole family is overjoyed and the story unfolds with the preparations for the Wedding. No stone is left unturned by the parents to make it a great day but the D-day has a wonderful surprise for everyone.

The book is a sequel to another of N.S. works “Notebook” but the flashbacks have been beautifully connected. Wilson’s relationship with his father-in-law Noah has been etched out perfectly.One gets tenderly feelings when you read that an elderly man like Noah loves his long lost wife so much that he believes with full conviction that his wife Allie comes down as a swan in the pool in the hospital he lives in. A tale of eternal love, which each one of us would want it to be true.

Happy Reading!!!

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