There has been an urge to travel to BOTSWANA since I read this book. The attractively fashionable BLUE SHOES on the book cover play a twist in the story. 


This one has a unique and an attractive title that embodies the theme of happiness perfectly. The book sends across the message of ‘goodness and ‘joy’. No wonder we all chase happiness but seldom sit down to enjoy it peacefully but this book emphasis on the fact that simpler things in life bring the most of it. We must learn to be content and rest all will be taken care. Life has much to offer and there’s abundance of happiness in our very own small things which we should not be let go unnoticed. A soft and simple book which makes a pleasurable read through. Cheers!!!


It is the seventh in the series of No. 1 Ladies detective Agency books and the first one that I have read. The tale revolves around an African country, Botswana and Alexander McCall Smith talks attractively about its serene beauty. Mma Ramotswe owns this detective agency and with her assistant Grace Makutsi, they are the leading lady detectives. Together they take interest in solving small mysteries taking place in and around Botswana. They have people with several problems approaching them and seeking help. It concerns blackmailers, cheats, fraud and others. I must say they handle their work gracefully with patience, intelligence and boldness. The story talks about the daily life at the agency at its own sweet pace. Several characters come and go but they are all tied down well till the end. But amongst it all the agony aunt, Aunty Emang’s character offers the surprise element.


The writer talks positively about several aspects of our life. He touches these issues with simplicity and style. The instances in the book talk good about traditionally built women. Also it brings out the best relationship in husband and wife. For instance, Mma Ramotswe has a supportive husband, Mr JLB Maketoni at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. They are different as people and their interests but very much together. The discussion on ‘Feminism’ becomes threatening for the relationship of Mma Makutsi and her fiance, Phuti Radiphuti but later they give up their second thoughts and remain together. The book emphasis on the part that we must value human relations and should respect one another in the community we live in.


Definitely! A series to look forward to.  🙂

Happy Reading!!!

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