If I pretend I am Sorry
Will you pretend and forgive me? By Prashant Sharma

The title may talk of pretence but there are all hard core realities and brutal truths in there. Three men- their tryst and game with underworld is the theme of the author’s story. The plot connects these three grey characters Rannvijay Singh, Rajvir Singh and Viraj Singh quite interestingly keeping the narration brisk and engaging. The book makes a nice read and don’t be surprised if many of you might write it off as a thrilling, bollywood material.

It revolves around Revenge, Betrayal, Murders, Killing contracts, Kidnaps, etc; one may say the real Bad world. Quite successfully, it makes one believe or lets us imagine the way these things may be working. The lust of power and the desire to rule Mumbai hits on two fearless men. The adverse conditions and the turn of events in their childhood, pushes them to go into the bad world. By hook or crook they are out there to achieve their dreams and manipulate the lives of others as per their wish.

Rajvir Singh is intelligent, encases all opportunities and plays safe but confident. He is the mastermind and runs it all from Delhi. Viraj Singh is the son of the rich and the genes of betrayal run in his blood. He is confused and unsure of his decisions unlike his father. But, most interesting is the character of Rannvijay Singh. Since childhood he had learnt to make ways for money and survival. He had fought life and later as ‘Naqaab’ lives life on the edge. Though he thought the reins were in his hands but the world of Underworld surprises him too.

I enjoyed reading it and finished it in one go. The book is simple and makes a breezy read. The characters are etched out well and they speak for themselves individually. But the way events take place and these three men and their lives run so near and far make it more fictional and less of real. I must say the author has weaved it all well until the end when many secrets unravel.

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