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Its a joint venture of Worldwide Media and BBC Magazines.

Two magazines that I have loved reading forever are Reader’s Digest and Femina. I love to read and any book or magazine that interests me stays with me. Magazines, I pick up quite often but am regular with the above two.And now, recently, this new magazine has caught my interest. It actually sent me to school, a revisit to Science and history classes. Wish the text books had been so interesting, I would have fallen for them definitely. Missed my chance of being a discoverer.

The BBC knowledge arouses ones QUEST to know the unknown. It reinstates the fact that there are millions of facts hidden all around us and we know so little. It helps us to DISCOVER. The creative team behind the magazine does its beautiful part in offering us an interesting journal which is a unique blend of Science, Nature, Technology and History. Science and its brances have been touched down deeply and interestingly.

From the cover page till the end, the magazine is colourful as life. The photographs in the SNAPSHOTS section and in the articles are arresting. I spent a minute on each picture watching and reading about it. The articles on SCIENCE are enriching and unique. NATURE section is absolutely impressive and informative. Its third strength the HISTORY section makes one dig down deep in the past to know the hidden truths. And when one thinks its all done, the Q&A pages come bang on and promise not to let the inquisitive mind come to rest.

The May/June issue which covered– DOES GOD EXIST? was perfect. Personally, I loved the factsheets and the vital stats shared in between the pages. Anyone with a curious mind would love the magazine. Infact, a monthly issue would be appreciated and since I loved the beautiful captures, wouldn’t mind some more amazing snapshots. We all know there is no end to knowledge and as the title of the magazine goes, wish it never fails to share its best.  Looking forward to some more tantalizing truths.

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