I have written this post for Yahoo! India and Dove “I Believe in Real Beauty” under the topic “What does real beauty mean to me?”I have grown up with the old adage ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. In the true sense, Real Beauty is deeply perceptual. It is measurable and admirable by the sensual gratification of the senses or of the mind.

Everything that glitters and is pricey like diamond or gold is not real beauty for me. To me real beauty is synonymous to simplicity, purity, and authenticity. It is a conglomeration of entities that are universal, natural and eternal. It soothes the eyes, lends pleasure to ears and gives meaning to life .The real beauty is unconquerable and unending. It has a charismatic mystery about it that arouses an exalted state of mind and soul.

One may ask who has the real beauty. I would insist ‘I have it’ and ‘You have it too’. Everyone is blessed with a unique beauty and we all embody the real beauty. In fact, we thrive on it and it’s omnipresent. To be blessed with physical beauty is love of God but to possess the inner real beauty and make the most of it is Godly. Beauty is more than just being skin deep and it enhances with the wellness of our mind, body and spirit.


As my Dad has always quoted—‘Beta, if you will feel beautiful from within, No matter what, you will definitely outshine those with the external beauty.”


 For me Real beauty is our positive attitude towards life. It is showcased in our strength to fight back and the determination to go on till the eleventh hour. It is about unearthing the goodness and overcoming the weaknesses in oneself. Real beauty is about indelible confidence and grit of mind. It glorifies with our knowledge, learning’s and freedom of thoughts. It is more about empowering ourselves to prepare for the worst and less of fearing the inadequacies. The real beauty is the purity of spirit and the sanctity of thoughts. It is the passion to move ahead and hold the hands of the one in need.  Self love, self respect, self acceptance and selfless acts nurture real beauty in us.

 To me ‘REAL BEAUTY is U and Me.’

  ‘BEAUTY is the Black and White within U and Me.’

 ‘BEAUTY is the Enigma of Life that holds U and Me.’

 ‘BEAUTY is the Addictive Smile that ties U and Me.’

 ‘BEAUTY is the Unconditional love of U and Me.’

 ‘BEAUTY is the Traveled miles between U and Me.’

‘BEAUTY is the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of U and Me.’


‘U’ here is my mother, my father, my soul mate, my friends and you all who have made me feel beautiful ever. This is what REAL BEAUTY is because it is the unconditional love that beautifies me each day and I dare to reach the epitome that lies high. If ‘U’ do not make me aware of my real beauty, ‘Me’ would never know.

 ‘ME’ is the mortal, who insists that beauty is the strong belief in oneself. It encompasses my looks, intelligence, sincerity, strength, love, respect and weakness. I get beautiful everyday if I use my divine blessings gracefully and let not my weaknesses falter me. I may wear the spectacles but my eyes tell not the false. I may have a twitched lip but my words may not hurt anyone. I may have a clownish nose but I appreciate the fragrance of wet soil. I may have a face that is scarred but my power to fight back is the ‘real beauty’ in me.

 Real beauty and I is inseparable forever.

I have tried to capture the real beauty with the help of colors.  🙂

I do not have an hour glass figure and a shining face but I am proud to be myself . My real beauty comes from the books that I read and it lies in my wandering, creative, artistic, loving and intelligent mind.

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Manjulika Pramod

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