Its been an experience to read this book, definitely unique in itself.  The book deals with a subject that’s not treated quite openly in the society but  it exists. We cannot run away from the truth always and here when the reality of life speaks between the pages, one feels touched and affected. The author, Mayur Patel has come up with a bold story and has done complete justice with it. Not sure how familiar he has been with the emotions depicted in the book.

I must say the most positive aspect of the book is that it has created awareness amongst the readers about a subject that is considered taboo. Some of the interesting twists and turns of the story are engaging and definitely worth the time and money.

The writer puts across a genuine story of a gay person. Its not easy to put across one’s feelings when they are not meant for the opposite sex. How difficult would it be for people like, Kaushik who have to live a life that forces them to live a compromising life because the society is yet not ready to accept it straight forward. Yes! the book deals with male attraction and bonding. 

Kaushik, a young guy born and brought up in Baroda discovers himself to be a gay and this is his story that how he falls in love with his best friend, Krishna and then his student, Vivek. The narration is both delicate and bold. The story goes around in a small town Valai where Kaushik earns a living as a teacher. He is on good terms with people around him but they are all unknown to his true self.  But most of the story talks about his love for Vivek, the plot and the portrayal of characters is simple and touching. At times there are obscene instances which could have been done away but most of it is about an emotion, love, that’s above all inhibitions.

The family bondings Kaushik had with Desai and Gavit family gave the story, a touch of freshness. The affection and love put across is true as we have in our families. Vidya was a character that had its own importance because the girl was innocent and she didnot know that she had fallen for a gay. I felt bad for her but its was destined to be like that. The turn of events in the end come as a surprise and also with a social message.

Overall, the book is different, meant for mature audience and definitely could have been minus a few pages. The repetitions and unnecessary detailings could have been avoided. Congratulations to the writer for making a great start.

Happy Reading!!!

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