‘This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest.


The Story Idea—       

Bandanas and Bangles

Ravish: He was stylish and attractive. He had long, unkempt hair and an obsession for Bandanas….

Avira: She was sweet, simple and strong girl. She went dreamy-eyed at the mention of Bangles….

A boy from the north and a girl from the central part of India are in love.  Puppy Love translates into ‘Die for each other’ Love and then it takes the form of celebrations. A Dream Wedding culminates!

The movement of Planets, the turn of events, or call it the tyranny of destiny… true Love is bestowed with its terrifying testing times…

Is Love to be blamed…

Why has love become the weakest link between us and why is this link strangling me tight?

Who asks and who answers it?


What Makes This Story ‘Real’- It’s a friend’s life-story.



12th Sept’10

(A few days before the D day, Avira muses and puts it in her diary)

D day is close but the feeling is yet to sink in. I am pleased to be getting married to the person of my choice and I am thankful to my parents for approving him. I have been anxiously waiting and calmly praying for this day to arrive.

I consider it a milestone in our romantic era because we have juggled with time, work, money, pressure to save our love. I can never stop loving you Ravish. It’s a promise.


16th Sept’10 (The D Day)

Avira couldn’t thank her luck for being married to her sweet-heart and Ravish couldn’t stop himself from smiling ear to ear. Now that the long tresses were gone, he stood tall, young and handsome. Was he missing the bandanas today? Nay!!

The wedding dress was dazzling and the bangles accentuated them perfectly. She had never worn so many before this day, her hands were full of the lovely accessories or of love. Both for sure…Yay!!


24th February’11


The unrest in her personal life had just put everything at the back seat.

The new project had almost gone for a toss. Was she losing it on both ends, personally and professionally… she wondered and feared. 

Avira, turned on the laptop

First thing she checked, there was no mail from Ravish.  She could pick up the phone, call him and vent out.  But the verbal outburst was losing its impact. The faith was dwindling. Was it him or his work, or the distance to be blamed?

Subject: I hate you Ravish.

I never thought you could be so selfish. I know you have work but that does not mean you can just take your decisions and deprive me of my share of love, attention and fun. When will you understand I am fed of long distance relationship? Do you care enough to call me, make me laugh and lastly bring things in order?


When she had pushed the sent button, she had felt better. This was the tenth hate mail that she had sent in the last two months.

‘This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest. ‘

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