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In One sentence Start to finish, one stop book! Makes a great treat for the readers. 

Package– The Title is intriguing and unique and the blurb is exciting.

JFK– Not just three letters but it is a code that is decoded somewhere in the middle of the book and then begins the real thrill of the story.

PLOT of the story— Concrete and Strong!!!

The story begins with cold blooded- daylight murders, then fuels up with mysterious revelations and lastly takes  deep plunge into heinous crime. Its starts as a fiction story that’s been crafted out of imagination but sometimes later makes an impact, real and everlasting. I felt I was living through the anxiety of Jatin, a friend who keeps going on and on to solve his friends murder and the unimaginable pain and sufferings of Ram Prasad Yadav, a man of resolution and guts together.

The story revolves around three friends Manish Mondal, Jatin F Karunamoi and Montu. Manish gets killed before we know him, Montu stands by his friendship till he can survive and surprize and Jatin is the character to read the book for. He takes you through a roller coaster ride. It is more than a murder mystery that begins in Kolkata but the crime meets it end in Bhadohi, a small town in Uttar Pradesh.

USP–There are many unexpected and surprising moments offered by the Author- Jhangir Kerawala and the readers take all the thrill and fun.

MORE—-The criminal enjoys his freedom and lives a life of king while the sufferers have only to lose on their end. What a pity, that’s how our country is but unlike our law-system, justice is done here sooner or later. When the puzzle pieces are put together, it looks like it could never be done without him, Jatin- a man of age 50, unemployed, in a miserable plight in his own life but a character so dauntless. 

The narration is engaging and I liked the writing style of the author. The story is captivating but it was getting confusing at times and a few scenes and characters could have been done away with but then crafting a gripping story like this one is not an easy game.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST:  Its gonna enhance your love to its genre. A good work absolutely!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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