Shopping is anytime and all time fun.
Shopping is enriching and rejuvenating.
Shopping is all in all a lovely experience.

Shopping speaks about your lifestyle and its fun.


Grandma says–Ashu, I like bright colors
Dont they have something in Red and Yellow checks.
Your grandfather loved them πŸ˜‰  I love them too.

Ah!! they aren’t expensive at all.
First click.
Page scroll down
Next page n then pages n pages…

Mom says-— Hey, I like this one best finally, blue and pink florals. I want it for my room. They perfectly match with the new curtains. I need some matching cushions as well. Do I get discount on them also?

Another click.
Page scroll down
Next page
Papa Brown and grey also look pleasant. I like them for my study room. They are soothing colours. My choice is always unique.

I click on three orders.
All smiles.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

There are four people of the family sitting in the air conditioned room and doing some real good shopping on a weekday night. They save on the time for weekend. Hopping from one shop to another is cut down and even granny who cannot afford to walk much can also have a say in the shopping. Tiredness is totally ruled out. Together they make a collective decision enjoying the feel of shopping to the last bit. The pressure of getting cheated over bargaining and haggling gets ruled out completely. On the top, there are enough discounts to smile over. Initially, they missed on the part of touch and feel but now no more. Once you develop a faith on the brand, there are no chances of getting duped over the quality of the product.

How does the faith develop? 

Mine developed when I had my first ordered packet in my hands. (An year back)

It was my parents anniversary after I had started to earn. With my first salary I had already planned something for my Dad but it was not easy to impress my Mum. Also I had no time in hand to go for market shopping. This time it was going to be crucial and I wanted to gift her something special. I knew what I had to gift her but had no clue where to get from. I love shopping and I am a die hard shop-a-holic but mostly its my Mum who gets off with better deals. This was the time to prove myself better  πŸ˜‰ and also now I was learning ways of spending one’s own hard earned money carefully πŸ™‚

A friend in office would often indulge in on line shopping. I had seen her a do a few times and now was the time to contact her. She introduced me to Snap deal. I registered and since then it has been daily alerts and my regular stop, on-line mall which I love to visit any time at a click. I love the deals which it offers and everything happens at a snap (spur of the moment), hassle-free absolutely.

My Mum has always been very fond of Home linen and she is very particular about each and every pick. I had a challenging task of proving myself that I could also shop well enough. I explored the site for around two hours and then finally got the colour combination which was in perfect sync with the paint colours of my parents bedroom walls.

This was my first on line order and it was from Snapdeal

My First order_Bed Sheet@Snapdeal

I feared if it would look the same as in the picture. I was a little resistant initially because the touch and feel part of the shopping was totally missing but the reviews and the first hand feedback from my friend made me go for it. For three days, I anxiously waited for the order as the anniversary day was close and I dint want to mess up. Also the anxiousness was a part of my first on-line shopping experience.

Finally it arrived. I made the payment with cash on delivery. The guy was gone in a splash without any tantrums. So next it was the turn to unwrap the packaging which was neatly and robustly done. I opened it to make sure there were no issues for my Mom to find any. I was actually happy and satisfied to have the bed-sheet in my hand. It was perfect and the quality was also good.  (I can say now after several washes done  πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

Believe me, my Mum too loved it and she was absolutely happy to have it as a gift because she loves home linen. When I told her the price later, I could see she accepted the fact that I too could buy things and bargain good deals. This was a lovely, first time and of-course memorable on-line shopping experience and altogether a learning one as well. First time is always special and I had several reasons for that. First and foremost it made my Mum happy and proud of me. And also it was high time that we accepted e-commerce in our lives.

So now after the first one, there have been several rounds of orders and deliveries. The family above is mine and I have introduced this easy way of shopping to everyone in my family.  They all enjoy it.

Personal experience-  While on line shopping, sometimes you really find things which are rare and its difficult to find them via market hopping. Also when we all are working round the clock 8 to 8, its really becomes difficult to find time and go around in the maddening crowd.

A look at the bedspread originally in my house.

Print and design just as in the picture. This is how I developed faith on the brand name.

And some SD points in the mailbox as well is always fun.
Happy Shopping
:) :) :)


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