Dad or Mum! Who loves you more? Choose… It’s the trickiest one. I remember I would always play safe and answer ‘both’. Some children shy away from the answer but a few do side with one parent. I love them for this if its true and not done for an extra chocolate or to avenge the most recent whacking.

………I would have loved to side with Dad…..

“We all know mothers carry us proudly for nine months laughing at all the pain and sufferings. Thus they are the queens but my heart also goes to the man who stands by her throughout the journey.”

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This Sunday, my post was published in Parentous, an initiative from Blogadda and I am very glad to be a part of it as a reader and now as a contributor.

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I had always wanted to write about my Parents because I love them a lot. I know there is nothing special about it, everyone loves theirs. But there are few who get a chance to express it the way they want, I am glad I got one.

We all do it in our little ways and actions but the more you do, its always less. Their love is eternal and unconditional and same is ours but post marriage, I have realized their importance much-much more in my life and this is a small piece of my heart.

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