July 2007

I had just graduated as an engineer and was flying high with a job in hand.  I was supposed to travel to Bangalore to join as a software engineer. But then came a twist, I grabbed another job. Two in hand and I was all happy but no less confused.  My friends and I were all set to go for the first offer, and if  I opted for the second one I would have to go alone.  I wanted to be with my friends not a loner in the corporate world. And also I did not have much time in hand to think over. At last, something in me pushed me to take up the challenge, I let go the first offer and went for the second one. I share this story because this decision of mine changed the course of my life forever.

I met him in my workplace and  rest is history…..

I would say, for me it was not Love but an instant connection at first sight….. I had never thought the first day of office would be always memorable.  On the very first day of my job I met him. For my first posting I was sent to Lucknow.  I was allocated the workstation next to his. He was going to be my mentor. Having nothing to do on day one of my job, and the mentor a late-comer, I spent the time noticing people here and there, around me. He arrived late and made his way to his space with no inhibitions. He noticed me sitting close by but preferred to ignore a newbie. I noticed him to be a man with a slim demeanour; wheatish complexion, long tresses tied in a pony tail which I felt made him look different from the crowd. Phew! But I had never approved men with long feminine hair. I liked him minus his pony tail. With time I came to know he loved growing his hair. I dint know how would I ever approve it.

                             He was smart, he was sweet, he was soft spoken and best of all he had a great     sense of humour.

                                             But more than all this he was extremely caring and a man of mannerisms

 I think I had fallen for him already…….

In a Month’s time, I was already working under his complete supervisions. He was workaholic, strict and thoroughly professional. I wished he would notice me but he had no passion except work. Also the smallest of my mistakes, invited harsh scoldings from him. Many a times, I was heart broken but somewhere deep within there came a voice, I would love to be corrected for all my wrongs by this man for ever.  Later we became friends and in few months time, he proposed me. I was elated. His way of submission was unique and heart taking. He had cropped his hair and the pony tail was gone. This was unexpected. I loved him in this dashing new avatar. He was adorable.  I knew he had done it for me.

We stayed together for few months and then we had to live in different cities and countries for next three years…. until we tied the knot. This was the most testing times of our lives and this was the time when we realised love is beautiful and much above the worldly things. Distance has made us realise the importance of togetherness.

November 2011… I wrote this for him

Marriage was never in my mind until I met you dear….

“D day is close but the feeling is yet to sink in. I am pleased to be getting married to you, the person of my choice and it makes me happier to see my parents approve of you completely. The reason of celebration comes from our courtship of 4 years and most importantly, it being a long distance relationship. I consider it a milestone in our romantic era because we have juggled with time, work, money, pressure to save our love. It is our unbeatable attraction and bottomless love that has kept it going forever. I love you dear.”

DISSIMILARITIES we have but we have known them and worked on them with time……

We are two extremely different people with dissimilar likings. I am kid like when it comes to making decisions and he is a smart man. I am hot-headed and impatient and he is one with a calm soul. I love to spendthrift and he values money. I live in the present and he plans for the future. I fight with him whenever I wish to and he pampers me to the core. I love him and miss him all the time and he cares for me more than he loves me. The saying β€˜Opposites attract’ holds supreme for us.

Marriage has made our bond go strong…

His work takes him to different places quite frequently and in our eight months marriage we have not been able to live together for long. We have not got much time to be together. Its almost like a long distance relationship as yet. I miss him quite often. I loose hope so many times but it is his love that keeps me strong and grounded. Love marriage definitely brings a lot of comfort zone because otherwise life would have been very different for me if I had not known him before. Though we live far distance yet he can easily read my mind. He knows what makes me happy and what not. Marriage is an adjustment but definitely love makes it lot simpler. If you know someone and his likes and dislikes before hand, it makes the relationship sweeter because you accept the person the way he or she is. I feel I have known my husband forever.

And the story that I had narrated in the beginning reiterates the fact that we were meant to be together, that I was destined to meet my love and that is why I went all the way to Lucknow to find him. When I had no one to help me,he helped me in every aspect in my new life, in my new job  and in a new place. My friends were not there but he was there to take care of everything.

Marriage is all about understanding and loving your partner unconditionally. Love may happen before or after but the concept remains same. But if it happens before then you are the most lucky person to get to spend your life with the person of your choice. The number of years of love is more and      they also more comforting. Its a beautiful relationship and its meant to go on for  lifelong . One must respect each other and have compassion for each other’s pain and suffering. This is the key to have a loving relationship.


My LOVE MARRIAGE has made my life colourful like this post

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