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Last Sunday, I wrote for WOW– Waking up to FUN, FERVOR and FESTIVITIES!!! and it was chosen among the goodie-goodie ones.   Happy me 🙂  The only great thing that happened last week.

Friends, the week has been a little different and a difficult one. On a serious note… I have not been well and I am keeping my fingers crossed to regain my strength and health with immediate effect.

Last week I had expected a great week!!! I had lovely plans till they were buried. To begin with, there were new books in my book-shelve which I was looking forward to read and review later, I had plans to meet a long time friend as she was to be in the city only for this week, there was a birthday party invite too to look forward to but damn my HEALTH…. all plans went for a TOSS!!!

A  quick re-run through the week.  Despite the Monday blues,  I went to office, made some presentations and was doing good but then started feeling a little feverish post luncheon. By the time I returned home, I was all dull and gloomy.  🙁

Tuesday was a new day and I felt better. Mustering all courage I started my day and as usual before I realized morning rush hours were over and  I had already reached office. By afternoon, I was doing ok-ok types until I felt a slight pain on the right side of my abdomen. I neglected it for sometime but after a while it took all my attention and became much bigger than I could ignore. I went to the sick room but it became hopeless. My friends, in fact two great friends helped me with a doctor and she gave me an injection. I thought it would help me but to my dismay, it DIN’T…. I was rushed home, family members pampered me and my hubby helped me with all love and care. I dint feel the need to go to the doctor and  and just ended the day with some pain killers…..

Wednesday, mid day of the week and the day I was born, I generally love it. But it wasn’t a good one for me this time. Morning time and  I was unable to crawl from my bed, in fact standing upright was out of question. Was immediately rushed to the hospital and next followed the tests for my weakness and the last day pains. All day I felt restless and painful and I was totally at the mercy of glucose drips. In the evening the reports carried news that I dint want to hear but couldn’t alter anyways. I had a stone in a place that was too vulnerable and had to be operated the very next day….

Operation!!!!   🙁 🙁 🙁  No ways!!!  I was getting sick all the more at the thought of syringes and knives. Thursday– the operation day. I had to face it and I really cant explain how I went through my first operation. It was really really tough. I cried to be truthful till I can remember and finally I dont even know when it was done.  Thanx to the doctors team and my family who were there with me through my anxiety and sobs.

Friday– Feeling better day. I was on liquid diet for last three days. Was feeling absolutely weak and pale but the abdomen pain as well its source was gone. I was discharged by evening. Back home, I was not doing that great but the thought of regaining my lost strength was all over me. I was not able to keep my eyes open for long but I wished I could read my books soon enough. I was happy I was with my family minus the pain.

I had been away from my laptop for a while now. Saturdays, I look forward to to write on my blog but this time, I was not sure I would be able to do. I tried setting up my system but my body was still not doing well. I rested the whole day, said my silent prayers and requested God to help me get well soon.  I had loads to do and I had already missed quite lot of activity for last five days.

Sunday was the day. I attended a blogger meets that I will be writing about. It was difficult to manage, at times I felt dizzy and weak but never mind I was there and brought back some gift hampers too. Met some fellow bloggers as well. The day just flew away and in the night when I am back, I realize, Oh How could I miss the WOW contest on Blogadda. I check my blog which I have missed so badly and then there’s a pingback on my last post. Its been part of the selected ones…  🙂 and the motivation to write is back again. I start at the eleventh hour and here I am…. KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED…. TO FEEL MUCH BETTER  and WRITE BETTER IN THE COMING DAYS!!! OH LORD! JUST BLESS ME.

Happy reading!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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