The below book by first time author, Rituraj Verma is a collection of nine interesting, engrossing and today’s generation stories.

Words about the Book: Unique and Demanding.

Unique– I say so because it gives us stories which may not just end the way author wants but in fact can have alternate endings. Anyone with a different perspective can give shape to a different ending. And this time you don’t have to keep it to yourself but visit his website and put it there. Isn’t it a great idea?

Demanding-  Its not gonna be an easy ride through the stories because its real, its complex and touches upon the cruel realities of life.  It is about conflicts between heart and mind, it is about choices in life. When you read about the character’s sufferings, you delve down into your own life and feel the pain somewhere. Time for some introspection for sure!!!

My believe is that ‘Life is beautiful but only 50 percent of it’. The rest of it is lost in fuss and angst. Almost all of us are entangled in its complexities like a bee trapped in the spider’s web. The more we try to make way out of it, the deeper we get pulled in. But then its life and it moves on at its own pace. I have always wondered, what keep its going….?

The three healing wonders of life are actually LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS. Life is too complex and more are the trying moments in life. We look for solace and this is where the search for love, peace and happiness begins.In fact, the lookout and continous search for these three in life keeps on our vicous cycle of life and death. Its so deeply connected. And actually if you attain any of these in the purest forms, there is less to ask for. Having all the three in kitty is almost like attaining bliss.


Coming to the book, the foreword from author’s wife is worth a read. It gives the right kick and sets the mood to start off. The first story ‘A High, Like Heaven’ is small length but rightly footed. I liked the end definitely not divulging anything. Some strong messages are delivered from each of the stories. I must say there were some of the stories where I definitely felt touched and had complete sympathy for the characters but there were few others where I was not convinced with the endings. I thought the people could have fought further or could have gone forward with different decisions in life. The stories make you sit back and think…..

Another favourite story of mine is ‘The Emotional Cripple’.  Let not the women of the house be meek always. She needs to act strong and take the reins of some critical decisions. All the stories are truly modern age and deal with problems that we face quite often. In the book and its stories, relationships and emotions have been dealt with on the front foot. They have been presented the way they affect us day and night. The complexities in life come with relationships and bondings and the moment they get strained, there is outflow of emotions. This is the moment to hold on and maintain love, peace and happiness in life. Its not easy but after all we all live for them. Another thing of interest about human nature, we are so used to reading stories with happy endings that I personally felt It was not easy for me to take the sad endings.

There was one thing annoying, IIT and IIM guys mentioned quite often. The rest of the world has too many problems too. Also the print of the book could have been one font smaller. The cover page is nice. The blurb bends you to go for the book . All in all I liked the book and would recommend for the same.

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Happy Reading!!!

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