It is a sequel to his first book Zero percentile. The author, Neeraj Chibba works in software industry and thus has successfully crafted an interesting story about the bubbling Indian software industry.I have not read the first one but I had a great time reading his second book.

It captures the world of corporate business in the fast track. The plot is new and I liked the unique characters in it as well.
Each had their own space in the story and the way they dealt in life was absolutely engrossing.

The stories revolve around the lives of the characters below:

Motu,known as the Big Daddy who handles the good and the bad of his company Numerosoft.
Arjun and his special daughter Diyaa. The bond between them is very special and heart touching.
San, the technical expert and nerd wizkid who thrives on hard core programming.
Nitin the admin head in the company has a different fight with life. He is HIV infected and his courage dwindles to fight on things in his life before Tanya comes in his life.
Jaanvee, a combo of beauty with brains.
Priya, my favourite who brings all smiles in their lives especially Motu and Pankaj.

Motu and Pankaj, two best friends set up an IT business together. They give birth to two companies, Numerosoft and PureConsultants. First its only one company but later the next is born. Later there ways of working and interests change and they get seperated.Thus, one comes into picture because of the other.
‘Babe’ is the dream project, most talked about in the book. Each one has their aspirations and dreams connected to it.

Excerpts from the years before keep filling us with the needed information and build up twists and turns in the narration.And lastly it becomes racy, things boil down to cheat and betrayal. The rise and fall of the company shares add a thrill to it and also how the shares exchange hands. The company is losing shares and the takeover bid seems inevitable.  All hopes get pinned down to Babe. But, no solace, the project gets screwed up. The last minute happenings come as a  surprise.

The flow of the story was rightly paced and it had the combination of all the emotions that a human life goes through.At last, the good and the bad happen together. Just as it said,life goes on, we meet new people and lose some dear ones. We move ahead with new hopes and goals and always look back to people who have been close to our hearts.

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