My Big Plan with Aviva…  🙂 😉

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Plans! They have always been there since times immemorial. They have been a part of our life. Mom would plan my day in childhood. The school had a system which stuck to a daily plan. Mum Dad planned my life which I cherish each day. When I grew up, I planned my studies, my preparations for examinations and my time to follow my special interests. Planning the marriage was eventful and career is something we plan each day; hence life has been through lovely plans.

Plans! They make us feel confident, secure and safe. They are absolutely important and savior of our life.  We make the best by planning each minute of our life. In fact we must plan with a vision to avert the failures and manage well in time. There is much to do in life!

I plan to conquer my fears, follow my passion and make myself happy. I want to work towards making my life more meaningful and fulfilling. I want to simply live my life, spread happiness and discover the moments of satisfaction that come out of living ones dreams. To be able to live my passion and be my true self is something that I plan each day. I am an engineer by profession but a creative person by passion. I keep busy in the constant grind of work each day with a secret plan to quit the corporate life someday. Honestly, I am working because I want to make my future secure because money is important in present age. Once I have earned my financial independence, made enough savings, I wish to follow my heart…

I wanna dance to the tunes of the hit numbers. I wanna learn a new language. I wanna paint the world in my strokes of colors, capture my imaginations in words and sentences and dive deep in my world of creations. I wish to write poetry and books and travel all across the world.  But, it’s a materialistic world and hence I also realize my needs and responsibilities towards my parents, my family and my child. To make the BIG PLAN happen, I do plan my investments, indulge in small and smart savings. Until n unless I have done enough for my people, for my future, I can never achieve the inner calmness. But my needs are far above greed in all cases…

So, My Big Plan is to unearth the extraordinary person out of me.
Lovingly, I dedicate a poem towards my BIG PLAN…   🙂

Big Plan

Happy and content!
A roller coaster ride so far,
So to tell everyone,
I say I am happy or I pretend?
Aren’t the laughs fake,
I ask myself,
Oh ya! they are…

The eyes which show the twinkle and gleam,
Often get flooded with pearls of tears,
The joys and cries, ups and downs,
Embracing it all,
I plan my life each day.
And keep the faith in me going.

Following ‘things to do’ as mundane as ever,
And crawling up the corporate ladder,
Sometimes, I feel lost in my life,
But I continue to plan my successes over failures,
One day it will happen,
I will follow my passion,
I will showcase my uniqueness,
The small moments will turn into big ones.

I will paint, write, travel, spread happiness,
The good things will fall in place,
The BIG PLAN will happen someday soon!

 🙂 Happy Planning!! 🙂

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Manjulika Pramod

An engineer who loves to be called a blogger more!
Traveler, short-story writer, voracious reader, foodie is the better me!
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