Publisher: Paper Clip Books

Cover Page: Bright and colorful. I found it attractive at the first look.

Book Title: ‘One Last Time’-there is something that has happened once or will happen once. Or maybe tries to convey the importance of one moment, the happy, sad or happening moment.  🙂

One sentence:  Short, simple and sweet story.

Storyline: The story begins in New York and then it goes into back-flash taking us to Ambala.Ishaan and Tithi are class-mates in school. Later when they grow up, they meet under surprising circumstances and fall in love. The friendship of Ishaan and Aman reminds us of happy and sad times. The story successfully touches upon the emotional aspects of life. The feelings that one undergoes when met with achievements and failures are beautifully depicted. The loss of a friend, failure in making a cricket career and uneasiness in maintaining a long distance relationship are the gripping points of the tale. It gives a message that lingers for long. The story basically tells us that every minute in our life is valuable and the close-to-heart relationships are worth all the pain and personal grudge/ego.

Thumps Up: This teenage adult fiction conveys an important message through this story. A breezy read it is. It is an uncomplicated book that talks about realities in life. I liked the sincerity with which the story has been written. The author has been successful in creating a real-life magic.

Thumps Down:  Just another simple love story. There isn’t too much of fun, thrill and action but its more simple in nature.  Editing is fine. Printing errors and typos needed correction.

Last but not the least: Its recommended for a light read. It leaves a good taste and makes you realize the value of time and relationships.

One special moment may not even come again. Just embrace and live it to the full.’


The author, Shubham Arora’s first book was  Love Chemistry.

Happy Reading!!!

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