The Cover Page— Looks fascinating especially because of the animated look. It conveys well…. the super-woman has arrived!!!

Blurb: It appealed to me and hence I opted reading it.  Along with a unique title and a distinctive cover page, the initial words promised real action. A woman-centric character, vampire hunting, supernatural tinge about it all made it a good package. It made me curious and anxious to read an Indian author write about vampires.

One sentence :  The Tantra, low on action and thrill, riding high on a fresh theme, lacked the mantra to enthrall and impress me.

Storyline: I will be honest…the first few pages of the book make and break the momentum for me. The curious me expected profound story-telling in the initial chapters along with the appearance of supernatural elements. Everything that’s been written did not blend in well. This one fell low on ‘arousing the initial curiosity’ parameter. The story in entirety was not at all convincing. Anu, the vampire hunter is in Delhi and she too has an aunt who wants her to get married. Give a break please….at least the action girl should have been spared the match fixing trauma. As it progresses, I couldn’t relate well with leather wearing Anu, a guardian alias a vampire hunter wandering in the quiet streets of Delhi. There was nothing impressive about her first encounter with the vampire, Misra too. The element about her ex-boyfriend Brian kept me going but I was not happy when nothing substantial came out of the past or anything related to him.

The interest is enlivened when the missing children case unfolds and other circumstances introduce the main villain Baba Senaka. However, our guardian Anu fails to impress and goes packing to the hospital after the first encounter. Later the story meanders, narration rises high and low but nothing pushes the reader to go on.

Thumps Up:  A fresh theme that absorbs authorsโ€™ imagination well enough. He has had the guts to be experimental. Aiming to give a book about vampires and their hunters must be appreciated. Not all experimentation are successful but however the new subject lines/genre must be tried by authors. I am sure Adi can come up with a sequel.

Thumps Down: The characters failed to fit in the plot. In my view,  the story loses its hold and the dark history of India does not get captured in its true self. I could not appreciate the fact that why did it get down into Tanta-mantras? Were we not expecting a vampire story? The main aim of Anu’s visit to India was lost, meddled up badly. The thrill, action, power packed performance did come but in bits and pieces and non-impressive.

Last but not the least:  The expectations from me, as a reader were high but they were not met well enough. However, everyone has their own opinion.

Anyone who is a die-hard fan of vampire and tantrik stories may give it a try!!

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Happy Reading!!!

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