Write Over the Weekend (WOW) – Mar 1, 2013 and now its selected as one of the WOW posts….

Use these three words in your post ‘Little Girl, Toy, Scared’ 

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The  Girl was only nine,

Wheat-ish in complexion,

Dark Black,  twinkling eyes she had,

Well suited on her curious and silent face,

The mother would tag her along,

She worked in the big house,

The Girl would stoop a little,

Do some chores and help her mother,

The Lady of the house was good,

She gave her bread and some food,

But children of the house laughed at the girl,

They made fun, mocked and called her,

The Little Girl.



The Lady had two boys of eleven and nine,

A young daughter too lived in the family,

She was cute and beautiful baby doll,

Her room was colorful and delightfully fancy,

It was full of dolls and teddies,

All day, she played with a toy,

She possessed so many, big and small.

The mother and the Little Girl entered the room,

Cleaning and mopping they were required to do,

First time they entered the little baby room,

Both looked around with gleaming eyes,

The little Girl stooped and followed,

She only knew to clean and mop behind her mother,

The Mother looked around nervously,

Fear and helplessness grasped her,

She could not give a single toy to her little one,

Love,compassion,kiss and warm embrace,

Was all she could give to her ‘ little girl’ ,

She had tears in her eyes,

She tugged her child closer to her heart.



The imbalance in the society is heartless,

Some have everything in plenty,

The others are cornered empty-handed,

So much fun and affluence to some,

No food and no luxury for foursome,

Disparity is rising each second,

Not just the mother of the Little Girl,

I am scared too.

Are you?

*** I wish Every child has a toy to play with. Donate to the underprivileged. They really need it. We need to fight the DISPARITY.

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Manjulika Pramod

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