This is an entry for TRESemme’s ramp ready hairstyle.


First look : Simple,elegant and classic bottling in the evergreen combination-Black and White. Looked inviting!

After-Use Say:  I was really very happy with the first time experience.My hair made the people do the talking. My hair looked beautiful and bouncy.The shampoo did not harm my hair in any way, rather they waved in the air damage-free. My hair did not fall and in turn I felt they were full of volume. I was loving the silky and shiny look that had come after the first wash itself. I must say, I looked no less than a diva. 

I am really very fussy about my hair and hair-care products but this one has impressed me. Highly recommended!!!

Thumps Up:

Moisturizes well and vitalizes the hair with deficient proteins.

It gives the professional touch with shine and radiance.

Ramp Ready Hairstyle:  No butterfly pony tail or Voluminous one sided Braid for me since I prefer to keep them free and flowing, long and lengthy!! I get my best looks and best pics in keeping them open.   🙂


TRESemme has different ranges of product.  Choose any and get ramp ready!!!
  1. Hair Fall Defense.
  2. Smooth & Shine
  3. Climate Control  &
  4. Styling 

A few lines dedicated to my Ramp- ready Tresses….

I am one among the beautiful Indian Gals,
I love to take care of my face and my curls.
Hair, long or short, need good care,
Neither you nor me likes the scalp bald and bare.
Its long, its black, its beautiful,
Its curly, its luscious, nothing less than bountiful.
This makes me possessive about my gorgeous tresses,
I like to keep them free from frizz, dryness and mess.
Going for a camp or staging a ramp,
I let my hairstyle be danke and little damp,
Braids, ponytails, french braiding, plaits, twists, buns.
I select any that makes me look chic and fun.
The style depends on my mood and the flavor of the evening,
TRESemme, the professional brand for hair-care comes shining.
In their black and white avatars,
Anywhere, anytime, I use the pair,
They nourish my tresses and give them the repair.
The hair potions in my closet assure me the best,
The idea of visiting the salon have been laid to rest.
I wash, I let them dry, I make my ramp style with care,
I flaunt, walk around confidently and make the people stare.

Thats my story, I am always ramp-ready!!!

🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂   🙂

My favorite hairstyles are as below and I love to flaunt them open, long in length with side curls here and there. I love to use my shampoo regularly and have been attending parties, going to the malls, walking in the open and basking under the sun in varied looks. 

My different Ramp-Ready-Rocking Hair-styles!!

Check for more TRESemmé India Youtube channel.

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