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I WISH I HAD OPTED FOR HAIR REMOVAL……..   Not one but there have been more than one instance when I have heard it coming from inside (Both my heart and my mind together). The stories are below.

But its best to learn from your mistakes and the mishaps did make me mend my ways. I have become punctual with my silky looks because now I don’t want to miss any chance to make a satin impression. I have been using Satin care for two years now and I feel its the best savior. Its quick, its painless and it gives a smooth and soft feel perfectly.  🙂


Don't be lazy, It will make your LOVE go crazy!

    Story of my 3 goof-ups  😉

 First chance to make an impression was lost…..

# I had a huge crush on Mr. M.  He was my senior in office. I loved to hang around him but he kept to himself. I thought he was rude and full of attitude. But there was something very attractive about him. He made sure he was clean and neat almost everyday and I really found this very appealing. I have always been a lazy bum. Weekends were mostly spend in sleeping in the mornings and shopping in the evening.  O

ne evening while I was in the city mall selecting some dresses for myself, Mr. M suddenly appeared from nowhere.  He was selecting a dress for his sister and for the first time approached  me for a favor. Since I had always looked for ways to impress him and be around him, this was a chance to dance upon… ( hopes of love ignited)

He gave me three dresses to try and help him select for his sister because his sister had similar physique as me. I caught hold of the dresses and excitedly went in the dressing room. I totally forgot about my selected dresses, obviously because its said love makes you go crazy. But when I started trying them in the dressing room I noticed my hair on my hands and legs which I had totally forgotten to take care. I really felt disappointed and shy too to show him the dress. I didnot wish to come out of the dressing room but I had to.  I had wanted to impress him and the very first chance had come knocking but I was not prepared. The dress looked lovely but I looked hairy. I twitched my lips and felt sorry….. my heart kept repeating the lines…. wish I had opted for hair removal…. I could have looked more beautiful. I feared my chance was gone because my guy always wore a perfect clean shaven look and obviously his choices would be similar too. I did help him to choose the dress but for many days later I did feel that I had lost a chance to impress him. I feared that I had sent him a message that I did not care about my looks.


Office to Discotheque…. And I was unprepared again!

# We won the biggest deal in office and a grand party was announced the next instant.  My house was close and I thought I would wind up my work soon and spare sometime for my looks. Obviously I had been lazy with myself for few days and had not used satin care for days together.

I had to impress him remember, Mr. M, but I was twice unlucky. The things din’t turn up as I had planned.  I was caught up in a meeting for long and then there was not much time to do anything except run down home and just change in whatever I could catch hold off. The office meeting or parties always come along with two words — timelines and ASAP.  I had to go to the club with a appearance that I did not approve of myself.  When Mr. M came around to ask me for a dance, I felt elated but at the back of my mind I had only one thought – I wish I had opted for Hair removal. I felt so conscious because I knew I looked unkempt. The message had gone wrong again. I had not been prepared again and this was a result of my laziness. Today could have been the day and my second chance was gone too. I was sad.

🙁 🙁

 Book Reading to Ramp Walking….

# I am a blogger and  am supposed to be specky, non- glamorous. No, not really I am very fashionable and beautiful too. But I gave an impression unlike the actual me because it was a bad day again. Severe winters they were and I was all tucked up with woolens.  I had no clue I would lose a chance to make an impression again. It was a book reading event and I was not supposed to look fashionable nor I had made any attempt.  There was none to impress nor I was the writer. But then suddenly after the book reading, came a surprise announcement. The book reading was done by a famous actress and since the book was related to fashion, there was a sudden announcement wherein the female bloggers were asked to come forward and do ramp walk for a social cause.

. We had to put on a flowery tunic which would show the hair on my hands and legs. OMG! I soon realized I had messed it up again. I felt sad again because this time I really did not want to make an unimpressive and unclean appearance. I did not participate.  It was important to punish myself  because I has to stop repeating my mistake. Now I make sure I do not go hairy anywhere.

🙁 🙁 🙁

 I carry my Satin Impressions everywhere I go!! 

Its best to learn from Mistakes!!

Happier Me!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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