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Twenty-first century is fast paced. It is bundled with erratic lifestyle, work pressures, tight deadlines, cut throat competition, unrealistic expectations and work life imbalance. Each one of us has reduced to a slave to this absolutely demanding and unrealistic lifestyle. In fact, it has made our life highly stressful. The rising demands, the huge expectations, the yearn for money and the never ending quench of attaining materialistic goods is impacting our heath, happiness, relationships and most importantly our life. While I write, I am scared too because I am a part of this never satisfied, seldom happy crowd and also I fear the repercussions of being a part of this maddening rat race world. Its just that with each passing day we are losing a valuable day to live the life that we shy away from living.

We slog to keep the inflow coming on every 25th or 30th of the month though we take no enjoyment in the work we do. We blame it to our luck, destiny, scarcity of option, mandate etc. We fear to follow our heart and go ahead with our passion just because we dread to take the path that’s risky and unknown. There are targets, goals, deadlines, late night stays and the attractions of perks, appraisals, promotions, progress that define our life. We laugh but it fades away sooner than it appears. We juggle with time forever, trying to squeeze in time for everything that is unimportant but we miss the real happiness of life. The hearty laugh that reverberated in childhood seems to have just eluded from our lives. When was the last time that you felt that there was no pressure and absolute freedom from your liabilities and you were at peace with yourself? I guess it happened days ago! 

We slog all five days and party hard just to beat the blues that would follow in the coming days. We feel it brings happiness. To some extent it does but then its just superficial and short-lived. But we all have to work to sustain a living. I concur and I know that what has made us stick to the rut but then we should all know to draw the lines. We should know how to balance work and play. Just to be in the good books of the boss, one should not make life hell for oneself and for others. And above all, take a break from the number game. Life is not all about money. Do something that makes you really happy.

I know the next question that pops up is, how does one manage without money. In fact money is synonymous to happiness. Because if you have no money, you can’t buy food because happiness will not keep you going. But then happiness lies in living a life that’s not just reduced to living to targets. Don’t live a life that can’t give you happiness and materialistic gains have never in the past and will never in the future guarantee true happiness.   We all know what gives us happiness but only a few have the strength and courage to go ahead and overcome the road-blocks. In fact we know our mundane life sucks but we are hell-bent on sticking to it because we fear taking the roads to a different world, we get laid back and sometimes there are other constraints in life that hold us back from doing what our heart wants. Our life is precious, it is more than just going to the office, slogging, bitching,being back, eating, cooking and sleeping. Where is the real happiness?

Today, I talk of ‘Happiness’ to the core because this short movie from large Short films, ‘Waisi Wali Khushi’ made me think about it quite passionately. It was a pleasure to watch it and I loved the theme of it. Basically this small film sends across a large message about life. It definitely makes you thoughtful and leads to introspection!!! 

Theme: Happiness that gets you more happiness!

Life is all about being happy. And soaking oneself in the happiness.

Waisi Wali Khushi: It is a Movie Clip of 11:34 minutes

It is a short film made by Samar Khan 

I wrote a small poem inspired by this video

Morning to Night,
There is a race,
There can’t be a finish Line,
Because I see no start point,
I search for the the cherubic times of the past,
My lost times of childhood,
How I wish I could hold them back!!!

Each day, I know what I want,
But I am vaguely lost in the rut and the rant.
Decision has to be taken,
No time to lose, no time to judge,
The heart and mind sing in unison,
Oh dear! Just fly, live your desire and run away.

But there are fears,
The desires are so many,
Bank Balances, the number game, the increasing zeroes,
The materialistic demands bug my mind and heart,
I dread risks and I have phobias,
Should I Let it all fade?

I miss the inner calmness of my life,
I think of Khushi,
I think of soaking myself in happiness,
I wish to attain Waisi wali khushi,
My heart says,
Take the first step,

Go for it,
Live the adventure,
Grab your happiness!!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After I watched the movie, I also sat down to think of my moments of real happiness and thus made a collage from some of the captured moments.


My Moments of Waisi Wali Khushi

  1. I was happy to scribble my name on the sea beach of Bali and there was nothing to lose when the water just took it away in a flash with a huge splash.The realization that came was ‘Life is all about a moment, make the most of it.
  2. When I traveled to Paris to get clicked with the world famous painting of Monalisa. Do what you want!!
  3. When I did paragliding, it helped me overcome my fear of heights. It was a moment of liberation.
  4. Its been great to embrace time in life to sit and stare and appreciate nature just across the window.
  5. When I read my books and review them on my blog-Pendown, it gives me a chance to write what I want. It gives me nothing less than true happiness.

Happiness exists!!! The realization has to come from within. The need of the hour is that we realize it soon and make way for it.

Happy Blogging!!!

Written for ‘ blog n win’ contest by  Large Short Film Waisi Waali Khushi.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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