Book Review : MY JOURNEY by A.P.J Abdul Kalam aka Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

Today is Mr. Kalam’s birthday and I wish him grand birthday wishes through my blog. Writing about his book is an honor, as well as my way of extending great wishes to him. He is a True inspiration.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October 1931.

My Musings…

My journey is a beautiful book and I am glad I read it.  Ignited Minds and Wings of Fire have been my all time favorite. They inspired me and fueled my killing instinct but this one has been heart touching. In MY Journey, Mr. Kalam talks about his relationships and the learnings from the beautiful people who adorned his life.  Through this book, he cherishes the lovable lessons that he learnt from his father, mother, brother in law, mentors, priests, boss etc.

Book Title: Catchy one! The journey of our scientist and the Rocket Man…

Book Cover: It carries his photo, more than enough to attract the readers.

Story: Each phase of life has its own story but the days of growing up are beautiful. Who doesn’t love to revisit the memories of childhood and so does our Mr. Kalam. The story of him as a young lad begins in Rameshwaram. He lovingly tells us about his father and his early morning walks, his healing touch and his connection with God. He remembers the soothing touch of his mother and her unconditional love as bliss. His sister’s husband, Ahmed Jalalludin’s friendship as well as mentor-ship is preciously looked upon by him. It was a big blow to him to lose all his loved ones.

The making of the boat were his first lessons of engineering and none knew that later he would apply them to shape rockets. A young boy selling newspaper to earn money and share some responsibility in the family was encouraging. The tales of temples and peaceful co existence of all religions in his village looks like the old times should come again. Mr. Kalam conveys much more through his personal thoughts by talking about his childhood and past. His anecdotes and stories have significant relevance in today’s times.

Rejection is never easy for anyone. The President too has to go through it in when he was denied his dream of becoming a pilot. But very soon he realizes the wish of God and takes up new assignments conferred on him. He enjoys his work, laboriously gives in his days and nights and comes out successful. All this while, from a young boy to a man, he remains rooted to his simplicity. The modesty that speaks out of the later chapters is amazing.

Thumps Up: The book has different chapters emphasizing on the lessons and teachings at different phases of his life. The thematic drawings at the start of each chapter are luring and thought provoking. The flow of language in the book is soft and simple minus the jargons. As a reader I felt that Mr. Kalam was talking about his life’s journey right in front of me. To know his personal side was an enriching experience.

Youngsters must read it to realize the importance of people around us and to instill believe in one’s own hard work and will power.

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