Bizworld:  The Complete Business Awareness Guide

Who are the people who are on a drive to dispense their accumulated learning on business, companies, brands and their headquarters?
Ravi Handa and Avinash Maurya

What made me read it?

I mostly get my food for reading from Authors and publishers, however this one did not come from them. I came across this book in a bookstore and unlike other quiz books, I took an instant liking for it. I glanced through a few pages and since then had been craving to have it. There is actually loads of information at one place. Also, the foreword from Tech guru Rajiv Makhni at the outset ignites a desire to delve in deeper in Business niceties.

Back home I explored some reviews about it on the web and finally decided to order it. Smitten by the online shopping bug in the recent times, where comparisons and best rates can be found at the click of a mouse. It was easy peasy and I got it at the best price.

What Lies in?

The book revolves around business world and thus is aptly and cutely named BIZWORLD. It covers facts about Major Global and Indian companies. Lot of unknown facts have been put up about companies that have been there over hundred years. I enjoyed gathering information about their founders, year of foundation and the countries housing their head quarters.

How about knowing that Mercedes was named after the first name of daughter of Emil Jellinek, a wealthy European entrepreneur who was on board of Daimler Motoren Gessellschaft (DMG), or UBUNTU was named from a Zulu word that translates as ‘humanity to others’. There are hundreds of interesting and ‘unknown to the common world’ facts packed in here.

I also loved the sections devoted to business books, and their authors as well as the etymologies. I have nothing to do with quizzing but the book attracted me because I wanted to know about business facts, origin, business and economic abbreviations built around companies that we encounter in our day to day life be it automobiles, financial, IT, FMCG, advertising, media etc.

It has made me aware of so much with the business world that on my own it would taken years to find out and learn. Obviously the facts and information is too much for my brain to grasp in at one go but then turning a few pages everyday will definitely help me to know them better.


BIZ WORLD has been packaged in very interestingly and thus it keeps one thoroughly engaged. Every page has something worthwhile to share and learn. A treat for the business school entrants and quiz takers. Its a great value addition to my bookshelf. The content is definitely impressive and the way its been put up is friendly to a reader as well as to a learner. There is no rule to finish it in one go. One can just browse, look for the familiar companies and brands and know more about them. I must applaud the authors for sharing great tips and putting up pools of questions  to help students prepare for general knowledge and current affairs.

Last but not the least

Its absolutely benefiting for any one who is keen to know facts around Business and it does live up to its claim, the complete business awareness guide.  If business Quiz is the word for you, don’t miss this one.

Happy Reading !!!

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