“All I know is that when I pray, coincidences happen; and when I don’t pray, they don’t happen.” – Dan Hayes

I strongly believe in the mystical power of Prayers and the above words hold true for me. Daily Prayers help me to heal and they give me the strength and courage to carry on in the dreary times. I do not use rich and verbose lingos to reach Him but an honest utterance to seek his blessings and offer my submissiveness. The prayers are my way to show my gratitude to God for providing me with great relations around me. Each day and its happenings give me a reason to pray. Whenever I see sufferings closely, the prayer happens on its own.

In childhood, the moment I was back from school, I would go on with my jabber till I had shared each and every happening of the day with my Mother. It made me happy and peaceful within. While listening attentively, Mum would stop me, ask questions, correct me and guide me. Similarly, Prayers are a way to communicate with God and empty ourselves. Its not a monologue but a dialogue wherein Almighty listens to us and helps us pave our path.

I have always believed in the power of Prayers and I prefer to do them in my own simple way. I am not a temple person but a silent worshiper of God within my own heart. My father taught me Gayatri Mantra when I was young and it has been my savior for years. I feel charmed by its wordings and my prayer begins and end with it always. It makes me powerful.

Lets Pray for.. sanity of thoughts and more…

Girls and their better treatment, each one deserves it.
Prosperity, peace and Happiness for everyone near and far as Diwali, Eid, Guru Purab, Christmas are all about it.
Cleansing sins because unknowingly we commit them so often.
To drive away evils and spread love and compassion.
Ward off diseases from family and friends.
Strength to the affected to face natural calamities.
To offer gratitude for everything God has provided with.

On an everyday basis, I pray for emotional, spiritual and physical healing for myself. Since I believe in karmic connections, I also pray to let my spirit be free from the cycle of life and death.

Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack looks appealing and is essential for my Diwali prayers as I will be celebrating it for the first time with my new family and in laws and I want it to be perfect. My Mom in law is a very spiritual person and she loves doing her prayers with a perfect methodology, is fond of incense sticks and camphor. The Lakshmi Puja pack contains all basic materials required for the pooja as mentioned in the Skanda Purana. When I will gift her the pack, I am sure it will make her happy and help her carry the puja in the traditional way that she has been doing always. She will not have to worry to take care of the needfuls and we will use the time to prepare delicacies and sweets. Also the audio CD will come useful for us young in reciting the shlokas along with prayers. I must say it gonna come very useful.

I must say, a pack like this is definitely helpful for those traveling outside India at this time. Last Diwali, I was in Europe and there were no elders to guide, hence I took help from youtube for the procedure and mantras. A Lakshmi Pooja Pack would have been of big help but I did not know about it then. But this year, it will be different.  🙂

We must pray everyday and not just for our own-selves. While I write about prayers, the two incidents come in my mind which have happened in the last two days. They have grieved me and need selfless prayers from one and all. The Cyclone Phailin which has hit one of our state Odisha, its neighborings and its people. Its trial of time for so many people and we must send them strength in our prayers. Secondly, the loss of lives caused due to stampede near the Ratangarh temple in Madhya Pradesh. It is time we understand religion with logic and not just be a part of the herd.

My post is a part of the blogging contest organized by Cycle Pure Agarbathies and Ripple Links. They have invited bloggers to post on the topic Reason To Pray’ and tell them why the Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack is one of our prayer essentials this DIWALI. Check more here www.pureprayer.com

Happy Praying!!!

Happy Blogging!!!

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