Holidays are about fun and doing favorite things. In my big holidays I picked on diverse traveling experiences and read whole lot of books. I had finished reading Where the Rainbow Ends by Anurag Anand three weeks ago but the review has got delayed. (apologies) This is the fourth work of the Author but the first one that I chose to pick. I wonder when would I have all the time on Earth to read all the books by the creative heads.

First and Last..

The book is a quick ride, has a smooth narrative and worth a read when you wish to read something light, simple, fast and breezy. And acclaimed Bollywood Director, Ken Ghosh, has said about it “A refreshingly poignant plot that keeps its readers engrossed till the very end.”   Oh Yes! Halfway through it was still a predictable plot for me but I sincerely loved the End.

Blurb and Cover page..

The blurb ignites and attracts the reading genes. More so if you love reading drama with hints of romance, triangular love story and suspense, this one will convince you easily. The Cover Page is good with good mix of bright colors where blue rules, though not very impressive.

Story Going..

Basically a story build around four prominent characters. Protagonist, Rahul Singh, a consultant, a father, a husband with a failed marriage has a story of his through which he takes us in his past where he meets his wife Shalini. The love story has its unique, common and uncommon bits. There isn’t anything new but the narration is engaging and definitely the author is adept with playing around with words. I liked his style of writing.

As the story progresses, marriage culminates and they are blessed with a daughter Myra. However, the relationship with his wife deteriorates in the coming years and suddenly there comes a time when upsurge of events and emotions hit on Rahul as well as the readers. With his daughter he makes attempts to stand strong but life turns merciless. Avantika, a new girl comes in his life as a whiff of fresh air and is gone quicker than that. Here comes the real fun when father and daughter duo start missing the latest friend in their life. I personally enjoyed the second half of the book more than the initial pages. And the end makes one thoughtful and emotional.

Goods and Bads..

The character of Rahul is well etched, very relatable and nothing overboard about him. His pain can be felt and reader empathizes with him. Myra is cute. Relationship, quick marriage and then the failure of it seems like a story in the neighborhood, the Author has  picked up well something that happens around us so often these days. Good set of vocabulary has been used, rare feat in the authors these days. The story raises belief, hope in rare moments. ‘Some people are God sent to pull you out of mess.’

There were boring instances in the story and somewhere I felt the transitions and flow of the narration was not very smooth. But overall I loved that I picked the Author’s book. He knows how to build a story so strong and simple.

Smileys Won  🙂 🙂 🙂

Publishers: Srishti Publishers

Happy Reading !!!

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