Who is a Soldier?

We all understand, it is the uniformed guy who stands at the country border and makes sure that his country people sleep peacefully.He is one whom we trust that he is there for your protection and he can never let anyone hurt you. He is ever-ready to strike out whenever the opponents attack. Thus a soldier is the one who guarantees us safety and security, and more than that one who promises us an undiluted feeling of protection and freedom to live a life that we have the right to. Thus, for this it is not necessary that every soldier has to wage a war or fight to prove himself to be a soldier. Some of the men in our life are no less than soldiers because they have acted quite much in the same way as its literal meaning.

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For every daughter, her father is the ultimate hero. He may not be the superman or spider man but he is no less than the wonder-hero who charms her all through her whole life. Till the time I moved to my independent life after college, it was always my Dad who acted like a soldier almost everyday, and in every aspect. He lend me the strength and support in all walks of my life. He never acted as Hitler and thus I could always discuss all my problems with him with ease. When the boys of the colony bullied me, he ensured that I went to the same judo school as them and learnt to give them a tough fight. It was his way of protecting me and standing to gender equality. He never imposed restrictions on me but always stood by me like a shadow. On the roads and market, whenever, I had problems of eve-teasing, I was comfortable to discuss with him and he would know how to handle it. Whenever there were situations which would make me cry, he would discuss that with me and the hassles of my life would be gone. I call him a God-sent Soldier because since day one of my life, he has protected me in his arms, from all evil eyes,  safe-guarded me from the numerous troubles and made my life absolutely comfortable and enjoyable. And even today, he is the first person who comes in my mind whenever I am in any kind of challenging situation because I know he is my ever-green soldier who can protect me from everything. Thanks Daddy!!!

After college, it was time to step out in the real world that was scary and unfriendly.God acted kind and he sent me a soldier then and there. I met MS at the workplace. When people around acted snobbish, he was the first to give a helping hand with a warm smile. Putting up alone in a big and new city is challenging for a girl, but he made sure he made life easy for me by arranging every useful thing at my doorstep. If I had to stay late in office for work or attend a friends wedding, he was always a call away. I felt safe and protected in his company. I would always tease him for being extra caring towards every women but that was his real charm. I have always seen him very well-behaved towards females and never utter anything against anyone. In fact he even snubs off those who disrespect women folk ever. He never forgets to prefix Ma’am before talking to any lady big or small. I fell in love with this quality of his. He made sure he acted as a soldier in every inch of my life and it did not take me much time to realize that he deserved the place of long-term soldier in my life. After marriage, he has stood by me in every thick and thin of my life. He supports me in my work, in my passion and in my bad health. He respects my individuality and gives me space to put across my thoughts. I have given him real tough times but he has showered me with bountiful love, care and affection in all ways possible. With all the goofs-up done, I have come back and told him about them, he has always acted supportive and has been there with me. Thanks Hubby!!! 

Last but not the least, I wish to use this platform to talk about some very helpful colleagues in the workplace and a nice person Mr.G, (G for Goodness and his name) who has really supported me in my troublesome days. He is no less than a soldier because he stood for me many a times, understood the problems of a vulnerable me, and supported me in handling the working woes. The days in my profession (telecom) can be very challenging at times and then your are required to be available 24*7 and most of the times offer support from home too. I handle a project that has unusual timings and I reach home by 10-10:30 p.m.in the night. Before marriage, it was all fine but later I couldn’t cope up with this work-style and my patience started giving up . This one person acted like a big brother and supported me in every way possible. I know he is biased because he treats me like a sister but then I cant thank him more for being there for me in the bad phases of my life when I simply decided to quit my job. He guided me, sometimes bugged me but kept me grounded and made sure he handled all the pressures before it was directed to me. Whenever I am not near the laptop, I know I can call him and he is always there to support me. In fact there are few more very good colleagues who have never said ‘No’ to me whenever I have asked for a helping hand. Mr. G stands out among them because he has been in and out very supportive especially in the days of my early marriage when there were newer challenges in life and when I suffered from severe health problems. A lady has two places to look after and a little help from the considerate colleagues can really do wonders for her at home. I say it because I know how my life has been at peace because of this sensitive and helpful person and support of my good friends in the workplace. Thank You Mr. G and others for being a soldier at the workplace.

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