Recently, I lived a dream come true moment…I conversed with the person I have admired all my life…. I had a chance to tell him that I have loved him since I have known Bollywood… I have been crazily mad about him since childhood….and that I am awestruck by The SHAHRUKH KHAN charm  😉 😉 😉

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Experimentation is in vogue.  There is an undying demand for new. And our film fraternity are leading fashionistas. Hair, Glasses, Shoes, Dresses, Make up, Bags, Body etc everything changes for them every day……A New film and a new look of the actors/actresses come as a package deal.

Even Shahrukh Khan has been sporting a new look, blonde streaks, long hair and beard (face fuzz)… thats his latest one for the movie Happy New Year!!

He has done a few films close to this look, like he sported a short-beard in Don 2, stubble in both Chak De India  & Jab Tak Hai Jaan but most of his romantic and big time hits have him in a clean-shaven look. 🙂

Ofcourse  the character  he must be playing would be demanding that look and its entirely the director’s vision. I am an ardent admirer of him and I find him drool-worthy with his neat sort of an image. Actually he looks much cute when razor clean….. Wish I had told him so….  🙂 😉

Anyways… all the way you thought I was kidding. I actually spoke to Him…. just that I got so awestruck by his aura and his cute dimples that I completely forgot to tell him that His clean shaven looks bowled me over in all his movies till date and am not a big fan of his stubble…  😉

The video below has my tiny interaction with my bachpan ka pyar #Shahrukhkhan at #Agendaajtak
When I saw him, I completely goofed up because I just dint know what to say…..I was so Happpyyyy… Yayy!!!!

Right at 6:44 seconds begins my conversation with Him, The Baadshaah of Bollywood!


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