An India Today event, MINDROCKS is a youth Summit of one of its kinds and for the first time it took place in Shillong, Meghalaya, on Monday 23rd Dec. The theme of the event, true to its name is to rock mindsets and stifle thoughts that are clichéd. Especially it aims to galvanize the youth of the country by connecting them with the people, (youth icons) who have a thought of their own and have made it BIG in their way.

Despite the HNLC bandh call, the event dint fail to grab attention. The plush new Convention Centre in Shillong danced and rhymed with grit and glamor. There were dozes of serious discussion pertaining to issues of the country, the contribution of Northeast and its presence, women safety and young minds. The tantalizing sessions made the best of Monday in the North eastern part of our country because something like it had happened for the first time there. The QA rounds made the icons speak their heart and mind.
Its always fun and inspiring to listen to people. Personally, I enjoy  to listen to people in raw, in person to know them more in real.  🙂
Youthful fervor

My last experience in Mindrocks, New Delhi had been splendid.  

A Day To Remember @MindRocks 2013, New Delhi


Looking and hearing the celebrities from close quarters always gives me a high. And thus I couldn’t take a chance to miss this one in the times when live streaming brings everything right in your room.

Started with a Keynote from the CM of the state

Dr. Mukul Sangama, CM of Meghalaya gave an effective talk on how India needed young political leaders. There was a need for the youth to connect with the policy makers. He also said none should say that he or she hates politics, rather you should ensure that you are heard and you make a difference. On the other side the policy makers aka politicians should keep abreast with the young thoughts. It was important to know that whether they were doing right or wrong.

Richness and Strength of Northeast…

He mentioned it quite categorically and confidently that Northeast has great potential to contribute to the nation’s growth, but the people in the center have to understand its needs which are different from rest of the country. The cultural diversity of the location must be understood before deciding anything for the state. Also he was seen very enthusiastic and encouraging for the whole show which he displayed by being a sport and singing on the stage.

Rabbi, Dr Mukul Sangma and Vivek Oberoi sang Jingle bells too….

Women Face it everywhere : Outsider in my own country

Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, and Assamese actor Zerifa Wahid talked upfrontly about how people and especially women of this side were treated as outsiders of the country. Binalakshmi also quoted defiantly that 67% of issues against women happening NCR  was about victims from North east yet nothing has been done about it ever… Being called a chinki is something one has live with it. She raised it wisely that people can’t be clubbed or sidelined as bunch on the basis of physical appearance and looks… when they are very much part of the country..She also said people of the country dint even know what the history of Northeast has been, rather worse they don’t even know where to place the north eastern cities and states on the map of India.

Being born with a silver spoon is one thing but even then one has to bring the spoon to the mouth and digest it all… I believe so. Whenever children of rich and famous venture out, they have to fight out the war and one with their own parents status…

Efforts have to be made. One has to venture out fearless to reach where you want to go …. said Vivek Oberoi.  And at the same time you got to realize the difference between mortal and immortal.. Don’t just live for the materialistic..

Pradyot Bikram Manikya Debbarma, head of the royal house of Tripura and editor of The Northeast Today questioned Aam Aadmi Party‘s tall claims to bring down the prices of electricity, water, economy. He said being in the opposition and acting as Robinhood was easy but actually handling the mantle of power was way too difficult. He praised Rahul Gandhi, obviously he had to talk good about his party and its people…
Politicians need to shape up or be shipped out.
Rightly said…. Mr. Pradyot Bikram Manikya Debbarma
In the Ring..

No ego problem among the boxers of north-east: said Akhil Kumar

Akhil Kumar , Commonwealth boxing gold medalist talked about his struggles. He said he was fond of films and he learnt even from their dialogues.. The film Asoka had something good to teach him.. He came out to be a nice person who had inspiring thoughts to share… He said a sports-person always goes out to do things differently and in a Ring, either you lose or win, you cannot escape the beating so one has to be strong and focused.
Music was the soul of the event…

Shillong is known as the musical capital and it definitely enjoyed it day with singers Monica Dogra, Angaraag ‘Papon’ Mahanta  and Rabbi Shergill. Assamese and Punjabi fusion rocked together under the theme ‘When Bihu meets Sufi’ where Rabbi and Papon talked about their jugalbandi and their love for raw, ethnic music.

Bollywood is all mix of Punjabi, Bengali, South fraternity. The Hero was from Punjab, the writers from Bengal and actresses from South. Punjabis have a spunk… people could have issues but Honey Singh, Mika are doing great…. said Rabbi Shergill

Monica Dogra spoke with a typical accent, attitude and she had something really beautiful to say that music had the capacity to change a nation. “The whole universe is a vibration,”   Parvathy Omanakuttan talked intelligently and favored honesty over many other things. She also talked about her upcoming film ‘Pizza’.

Cricket Icon Once Upon a Time

Ajay Jadeja played assertive as well as politically correct. He said cricket had never been about big cities, people had always been from small towns citing examples of Kapil Dev etc… He said he was not very fond of BCCI but they had actually made cricket famous and looked upon game. He also said that no sports person fears failure. They are totally different breed of people who are too different from journalists… they are fighters… And the best he said…. ‘You can never be the best until you beat the best’
Not many people would have applauded had India lost the Test and Sachin was retiring after the same match…. not really sure we would all agree with you on this, Mr. Ajay Jadeja
One among the Deols but different…
Abhay Deol was sweet and handsome as always. He talked about his love for doing something different thought he stated that mainstream cinema is bread and butter and he is willing to do it.. He shared anecdotes about his growing up days, when he moved to US and life about the filmy family..

Everyone had one thing common to mention and that was… ‘Shillong is beautiful and captivating’. The celebrities fell in love with the serenity of the place… Papon mentioned it specifically, Shillong gives you great food (Pork in bamboo, Pork in Shoot), beautiful women and lovely climate, nothing attracts one to go and settle in Mumbai…

Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma, actors Abhay Deol, Vivek OberoiAkhil Kumar, Binalakshmi Nepram and Miss India 2008 Parvathy Omanakuttan were my favorite speakers of the day.  It was indeed a memorable one.

Thats my coverage for the event… Reporter, Blogger M  🙂  😉

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