When the courier boy came that evening!

This is the story of 7th day and 8th month(August) of the year in the past. That was the last time, I wished to do many things in life.

I told Mister, I wanted some fried Idlies with chocolate shake for the breakfast. I wanted to meet and say hello to Mrs. Sharma and Mrs. Bakshi and also a precious gift from him like he had never given me before.

I am sure he thought I had gone mad but he did not laugh at me. I who could hardly chew, walk or flaunt was asking for too much.

It was the day when I was in a mood to play with him for the last time.

The dream last night had shuddered me, something told me death was near and more so I wanted him to be free of me, off the burden he was forced to live with.

I wanted Mister to turn back and say, don’t throw these tantrums oldie darling, I have already been cooking, cleaning and doing much for the last four years, isn’t it enough? But, God’s messenger he was, he did not say a word and looked at me lovingly, maintaining his usual infectious smile. The cherubic face with the soft and sweet smile could cast the same charming effect on me, the one it had done forty one years ago when we had met for the first time. We had been married for forty years now and I feared it would never be fifty with him…

I was suffering from osteoporosis. My bones and the bone mass had been wasting away at a rapid speed. My movements have simply come to a halt and only thing that I can do on my own at ease was breathe, otherwise for everything else I was dependent on Mister.

While the doctor has given up on my recovery recently, Mister has joyfully stayed in the relationship when everyone else has backed out. I have been a critically ill spouse for a decade now. First it was the mental depression, the suicidal attempts and then it has been the weakening of the bones with the pain of persistent mood swings.

I hate my life because it lends suffering to two of us at the same time. Mister is hale and hearty but he is becoming weaker day by day by attending to me and dealing with my issues.  He loves me, pampers me and cares for me every moment and that has actually kept me alive. Initially I could reciprocate in all forms but now there is no give and take in the  relationship. I am the sole receiver who is taking every bit of him.

There have been times when I have attempted suicides but even in my weakest moment I have felt that I can’t live without him wherever I go.  There is no peace without him. I do not let him leave me for even a second. He has given up his walks and social life for me. He takes me to the kitchen when he is cooking and also to the garden when he waters the plant. He has been immensely patient with me all this while and I wonder what makes him so. He carries a huge pot of love within him.

He has been strong and I can’t even imagine how difficult it has been for him. Last I had seen him cry when the doctor had handed him my reports and said he can’t help me anymore. Mister had broken down but he had stood a happy face in front of me. He thinks he can fool me but I have known him more than him.

So, for my wishful list, he has been keeping really easy and cool. From my position in the room from where I can see him work in the kitchen and he can keep an eye on me from falling off on any of the sides, I see him a little more focused today. He has prepared the idli batter and is washing the idli maker. I doze off and in an hour, he wakes me.

I tell him I have been dreaming of him making idlis and he spreads a platter before me which contains golden fried crisp idlis in perfect shapes. I can only manage to eat one but he is happy to see the gleam of happiness in my eyes. 

In the late afternoon, when I am done with the nap, I ask him for some water and later he helps me to the loo. I told you so I can’t manage anything without him. There is a knock on the door and Mister proceeds to attend to it. My friends Mrs. Sharma and Mrs. Bakshi walk in after months.

I thought they have not been here and Mister laughs and tells me that he got lucky because both had returned from their son’s and daughters place a few days ago so it was easy to call them over. I am impressed he is been doing everything as demanded by me, a sick and frail wife.

Around six in the evening, when I am through with another sunset in my life, I see Mister walk nervously across length and breadth of the room. I ask him, Whats the matter? He smiles again and says, Oh! there is nothing much. I have been waiting for the courier boy and just then the doorbell yells.

Mister comes back and gives me a cute box wrapped in a glittery paper and declares this ones for you, not for me. I wonder who could send me a gift in my last days. The box was beautiful and I opened it all in around one hour.

Mister did not help me with this one at all. He had seen me all life how I had loved wrapping gifts and unwrapping them more. I would always insist on perfect wrapping as I felt it enhanced the beauty of the gift. Well what fell in my lap after my efforts was simply amazing…marvelous… and precious indeed!

Mister had written me a beautiful letter as below… and had ordered precious jewelery for me, nothing like gold, silver or diamond that he had gifted me before…

My Sweet Oldie Mrs..

I loved you yesterday, I love you Today and Will love you Tomorrow. Don’t you dare think of going and leaving me here alone. I have no life without my wife. I know you thought I forgot but I remember our wedding anniversary. Lets exchange rings again and live another forty years of togetherness.

Of this story, its not one day but everyday qualifies to be called Platinum Day of Love.  It is the story of one of the elderly grandparents in my family. I have only tried to live a day and feel it from my grandmother’s eyes. It makes me feel all loved even with the pain. This anniversary, Dadajee gifted her all the above to fulfill her wishes.

I dream to have similar platinum moments and days in my life. Badi Dadijee and Bade Dadajee are inseparable. Dadiji says that she wants  her life to come to an end soon because she feels its becoming miserable each and every day for Dadajee but she fears she cannot manage anywhere without Dadajee. This couple has extreme love in their life and they set examples for todays generations. Their platina relationship is lustrous, ductile, and malleable.

I am sure you also noticed the absolute coincidence of sequence of numbers in their life? On 7th day and 8th month, they have been celebrating their wedding anniversary every year.

Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust and has an atomic number 78.

In hierarchy of metals, platinum is more precious and 30 times more rare than gold!!!!

This is my post for the Indiblogger contest in association with Platinum Day of Love.

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