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This is the real story of my life that how my Mumma got convinced to my love-story. This is my way of thanking her immensely for gifting me the person of my choice.


———–It was 2 a.m.

I called up M in the wee hours and began to sob uncontrollably.

In his shaky and muffled voice, he hurriedly uttered the easiest consoling words… What happened baby?…Please stop crying and tell me your problem love…

Sensing familiarity and concern in his voice, I could not hold myself & began to cry louder.

He cajoled and pampered, thus my sobbing became milder.

I said, M, I can’t sleep because I am feeling guilty. I cannot lie to Mumma. I cannot sleep it over.

M- What lie…. What makes you guilty? What wrong have you done?

I muttered, I have to tell my parents about Us. 

M- Whatttt and Why?

I must tell them that we are not just friends and we love each other and wish to be Man and wife. I know Dad will accept it easily since he is a balanced one, but it will be a shocker for my Momma. I haven’t hidden anything from her and moreover she takes time to accept the changes. I have a guilt that I am hiding something important from her which she deserves to know.

The poor chap M did not know what to say. He had just proposed me a day before and it had not even been two full days when I was already giving him a hard time. He had been both, elated and surprised to know my confession that I had a huge crush on him. I smiled ear to ear too, to know that the attraction was mutual. However, I had put my point fairly to him that I could not take the most important decision of my life without consulting my parents and we both agreed on this that we would talk to our parents after a few months and not give up till they agreed. I knew Mumma would take her own sweet-sour time and have numerous apprehensions about it.


I felt restless….

During those two days when I had actually confessed my feelings for M, whenever Mum-ma called up I felt bad on hiding a fact from her. I so wanted to tell her but I couldn’t muster courage but I just could not enjoy the day without sharing every piece, every detail of it with Mum. Since times immemorial, aptly since I was born, both Mum and Dad had made sure that they were my friends more than parents. Thus, I could bare my heart to them. Dad always helped me to balance my decisions and Mumma influenced my eating habits, dressing sense to behavior. She always had her concerns and fears for me and thus she would always been extra careful about my surroundings and company of people. I would tell her about my friends,teachers, neighbors, strangers and she would have her own opinion about them. As per my personal experience and her predictions, I would say her six sense is great and she can judge people absolutely best. So when all my life I had told her about every person in my life, how could I be myself without telling her about the most important person, whom I sincerely wanted to be accepted by my whole family and especially her. I did not let the guilt stay for long. I waited for 6 a.m. till the next day and gave her the first buzz.

I told her about M, she knew him that he was a great friend but was surprised at the new developments. She had not expected her daughter to be telling her about her choice of her future husband as she had wished to find one for me, herself. The inter-cast thing added more worries for her. She was not a rigid person but always mentioned apprehensions that an inter-cast marriage had challenges and she would not be keen on it for me. Even I had never had concerns to go her way, till the equations changed between M and me and I was hit by cupid. Mum heard me for long and did not speak much. When I was done, she only uttered one sentence. Book me the earliest train ticket, I am coming to see you today itself. We will talk it over then.

I feared, was she actually coming to put it all over. Well after an eventful day, she arrived in the night. M and I went to pick her at the station. Like always, she remained calm and composed. She gave smiles to us and we reached home. Finally in the night, we discussed it all and then I realized that just the thought of me getting married had emotionally drained her. I have no sibling so she couldn’t imagine me going and living somewhere else. She knew it would happen but when the truth hit her, she was not able to take it. She threw volley of questions at me about M and was not fully convinced that I would be happy adopting a different culture. She had numerous concerns and worries and I could sense them all in her voice, in her eyes and her body language. I kissed her and assured her that her decision would be final and she could take all her time to decide. I guess it did not put her at peace still because she could not hurt me.

After being around for a week and meeting M, talking to him, dining with us, she left for Delhi. I continued with my job and waited for her decision. I had told it to Dad as well and he was waiting for Mumma to fill him more. Well, I knew my Mumma was soundly bonded with her relatives and I knew she would discuss it since this was not just about two people but about two families. My relatives made every possible attempt to brain-drain her. Every ten days, she would have a a new worry that someone would have pushed her into. She had never been a lady to be swayed away by others petty opinions, but this time it was different. She would say marriage is not a small decision, it impacts you for all your life. I cannot control your fate but can definitely save you from the mishaps that I can foresee or sense. I knew she was right and she had always done that.

We discussed it for many months and the thoughts never left her mind all this time, she showed interest in meeting M’s mom. Thus the two ladies met. It was a great day. I had never felt that she had been convinced better than this day. She sounded happy about it. My Momma is smart one. She was not the one who could be satisfied easily. Only when she had met M’s Mom a few more times over coffee and lunch, that she finally gave the big nod.

From that day till the D day which happened late, she handled the speculations, the relatives concerns and other things beautifully. People did try to influence her decision, she would think it over but get it sorted herself. She would tell me that I had enough time still to think it over and whenever I did not feel it all fine, I could back-track and she would support me because once tied in a relationship, she would not. Sometimes I would be amazed at my Mom’s wisdom. She would tell me beautiful things about relationships and touch upon the delicate matters of life too. She would confirm and re-confirm that whether I was set for it or not. Mum does it even today and I seek her advice quite often but now she prefers to stay away from my affairs. She says a daughter’s Mum should not be interfering in her married life. She had always instilled in me that M’s mum had to be respected the same way as I did to her and that I should never hurt her. I loved it when she would say now you have two Mums and she is going to take care of you more than me. I knew it pained her many a times, she cried a numerous times and fainted in my marriage but the best part of it all was she had finally accepted it with her heart and happiness. When she was convinced, I was convinced further and next I got married to M last year. Happy ending to my sobs.


I want to tell you that I am very happy in my one-year old marriage and thank you so much for accepting M as a son in your life. I love it when you enjoy cooking for M and scold me when I fight with him. It was really great when you went shopping with him in my absence. You amaze me everyday with your easiness in adopting the changing ways of life. I know its been difficult for you to accept that I don’t live with you and I have another Mum in my life but you were the one who made it easy for me by advising me the right and wrongs in life. I really want to salute all daughter’s mother for this. They all do it without fuss and I really don’t know what makes them so strong.

I want to tell you this through this post that I love you a lot and you are amazing. I am still a half baked cake and I so wish to be a reflection of you. Your concerns and advices have really paved my way beautifully. Every morning when I get up, it is you who comes in my mind and your thoughts give me the courage to fight the worries of the day. You are my absolute strength and more-over I want to congratulate you for proving your mettle again by learning to drive a car at this age. I know I am not there to take you around but now when you say that you will come to pick me up, I simply swoon with pride and happiness. You are absolutely the most wonderful Mom and I am equally lucky to have another great one too. I know you will say you helped me find her and I totally agree with this. Without you giving a stamp on it, my decisions are never complete. And I must confess, I really want to cook like you, you have magical hands.

Love you forever,


P.S.– The last three dresses that you designed for me are absolutely gorgeous. You are a storehouse of talent.

This is my tribute to you Mumma and a promise that I will always be with you in all your needs, just like you have been for me forever.


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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