The Indiblogger Meet was organised in association with Zee TV’s much loved and entertaining show Dance India Dance. The venue was Oberoi’s Delhi and the event happened on 23rd October. I have been an ardent fan of this telly show and have not missed any of the seasons. Two of the three new judges Masters Mudassar Khan and Feroz Khan, made us groove and tap in the fun filled evening. On a weekday and a late evening event, bloggers made all good efforts to be there after the office hours and were not disappointed at all. It actually turned out to be a thrilling experience and an absolute stress beat Indi meet. Check out the pictures which do the talking INDIMEET PHOTOS .

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Whats New this time…. THE THEME

It says DANCE IT OUT for a Cause…

I have made an attempt to shake a leg at poem creation for the Indi Meet and my cause…

Dance is an action,

Dancing is a rhythmic reaction,

A breath of fresh air and smell of passion,

We talk of none other than DID- FOURTH season.


The new and fresh judges arrive,

The bloggers get cheery and loud,

Zee’s DID theme is strong and stout,

Hey gals and guys, DANCE IT OUT!


Dad was restrictive,

Mom was pushy,

The boss was furious,

The girlfriend acted selfish,


Husband was indifferent,

Children were cranky,

You wish to Shriek and Shout,

No, Just Dance it Out!


Forget and put the rat race behind,

Shake and swirl for a cause,

‘To be Real You’,

 Chuck off the shoes of someone else.


I support the cause of ‘Being Real You’,

Shed off the insensitive and materialistic mask,

Don’t copy, don’t get swayed,

Don’t give up, don’t get bogged down.


Synonymous to fun, frolic and freedom,

Turn and spin yourself, let it be random.

Tap a foot here and jump there,

Hop, Jive, Tango but ‘JUST BE YOURSELF’


I fear I am not good at it,

I shy away from dance,

 I dread my friends will laugh at me,

But I see everyone enjoying.


I am chained in the shackles of ego,

I dislike being disliked,

I love to show-off,

But then I realize, that’s not the real Me.


At the beat of rhythm, flutes, drum and strum,

I shed my inhibitions,

And I take a step forward,

My heart cries out‘Just Dance’ and I JUST Do’  

🙂 🙂 🙂

I feel for the cause that is ‘BEING REAL YOU’. In Todays world we have more or less lost ourselves in this jazzy world. We get swanked away in the glamour and decorated life. We have lost passion and inclination towards our hobbies. We have distanced with friends and family for money. We live someone else’s life. Lets just bury the fascination for being a rockstar and superstar. Lets be Real. Lets throw the fake mask and Be Our self.


Happy Blogging!!!

Written by

Manjulika Pramod

An engineer who loves to be called a blogger more!
Traveler, short-story writer, voracious reader, foodie is the better me!
Reading, eating, traveling, exploring, observing and blogging are the beautiful highs of my life.