India Today Group has come up with India’s first general virtual election called  “Virtual Election”.

What is it?

E-lection – country’s first virtual general elections.

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ELECTIONS… the term is absolutely fascinating and damn powerful.

In simple words, it is a process through which we elect the representative of our country, face of the nation who is supposed to be the leader and in true words is meant to serve the nation. But its not as simple as said nor it has been taken as seriously as its name.

The politicians fail to impress, the parties mud-sling each other and together the people in power rape the country. They have been doing it forever now. Elections have come to be related more with violence, indifference and ignorance.  Moreover, now the youth of our nation has come to refrain from voting entirely.

RIGHT TO VOTE:  We all know we have this right but do we really take it seriously. Not really! I do not blame anyone for this because there are several reasons for it. Either we are too occupied with our lives and other times we are so fed up with the government and its governance that we have actually given up on its formation. We have all come to believe that politics is all corrupt and nothing can be done about it. Isn’t it?

I begin my day with reading the newspaper but most of the times the news about our country’s progress, its bureaucrats and its people holding the coveted positions is depressing and makes me feel miserable. The people who are supposed to serve the country are actually eating it up cruelly,  I quote and forget. So, most of the time I crib and blame the politicians, but honestly there are few moments when I do ponder over, what can I really do. I know the answer too but then I am least bothered.  I know I must cast my VOTE and have my say in the selection of my representative of the country. However, there is yet another feeling which says is it worth it? The ones who actually deserve to be at the coveted positions are not even in the race. They are all corrupt, good for nothing people and it hardly matters who gets selected. But then we have to give a chance to the better among them.  So to prevent the country to go from… bad to worse… we have to be sure whom do we want to take care of the BIG RESPONSIBILITY, running the nation.


Virtual E-lection

The purpose of these virtual elections is to set the mood and basically launch the mood of the nation that’s it is that time of the year when you have to step out to bring the much needed change. Virtual Elections will give the feel.  Go AHead and get voting at a click!!!

It has gone live from Monday i.e. 23 September 2013. You can cast your vote for the national political parties till 23rd October.


So How can you do it?

The process is very simple.. There are three ways of casting the VOTE.

  •  IVR
  •  WAP

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To cast your vote via mobile-Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

1. Dial in IVR @ 09699578006

2. Select the language (English/Hindi)

3. Select your region

4. Select your state

5. Choose your party and vote (there is also an option of do not want to vote)

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To cast your vote via web

1. Log on to or

2. Pick your region to select your state or union territory (UT) to vote

3. Select your state or UT

4. Enter your mobile number to receive One Time Password (OTP)

5. Select the party you want to vote for (there is also an option of do not want to vote)

6. To cast your vote, enter the OTP sent to your mobile

(One can vote only once using one mobile number. So the mobile number is the unique identifier.

Landline users can vote using IVR only. Users can also cast their votes using India Today’s Windows app).


I have done it and it takes less than a minute to do it all.   😉

And I loved doing it.  Wish casting a vote was so simple and we dint have to stand in the queue. But then it is for the country and our future so lets stand up  and get prepared for the D day.  To confess I have never considered elections or my right to vote as important as this time.  CHANGE IS NEED OF THE HOUR.


The results of e-lection will be showcased on TV, print and digital channels of India Today Group.

I am sure the drill run will help and prepare us for the final day.  We got to do this for ourselves and for our country and definitely to oust the villains who have been plundering us for long long now.

Happy Voting!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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The post is written to spread awareness about this new initiative taken up by India Group.

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