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Howdy Bibliophiles!!!

August is here and M is back with a give-away. 

Spreading my love for books is a passion that keeps me pepped up all day. I keep an eye on all that comes up on the bookshelves and looks yummy to be lapped up. Here is one of those which has caught my eye and I am all smug with my copy. I am sure that gets you curious too!

We have a new book from Jaico Publishing House, that has a promising preview,


This is a story of a woman’s journey to make something meaningful out of her life. Its a tale that absolutely connects with every Indian girl.  At the same time, its being called entertaining and thought-provoking both.

If you want your own copy too, just get talking. Here is what you got to do!

Write one foolish act of your childhood that you still wanna do. Some act that you did unknowingly and it was termed foolish, however, now you wanna do it purposely. May be you want to bring back those memories or you feel that being foolish in a way is being wise. The goof-up could be a hilarious or damn serious one. Just open up and share your stories.
I am all ears!!

           Comment below or you may blog about it and I would love to read it.


**** BEST 3 Answers will win the book WISE ENOUGH TO BE FOOLISH ****

Pendown thanks Jaico Publishing House for supporting the contest. Don’t miss this one because we have Jaico goodies too for the best foolish act of yours.

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Happy Reading!!!

THE CONTEST ENDS ON 15th August 2013.


Books in all forms attract me and make me gleeful. If you love them too, lets get going from today. Books are no less than best friends!! Glad to share the love on friendship day.


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