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With Life getting complicated each single day, simplicity is losing its essence.  Thus I thought of writing an easy post, made up of simplest words that have so much importance in our life and the best coincidence about them is that they all begin with F. 

10 Favorite words with F

Fan : Even if the A/C have come to be, even today come summers and you can’t be without turning on the Fans. They are so important element of our rooms. Momma says as a child I was absolutely delighted to see a moving Fan.

Fun : In the stressful days, fun has become pricey.  Extracting fun in life keeps it going.

Face : Don’t we all love our face? Its part of our demeanor.  The most attractive part of our body is the Face.  Make up would have no essence if it was not the face. Our facial expressions have so much to say. 

Food : We have grown on it. There is no life without if. It gives us energy.  A day without food is not an easy day. Food is one of the basic needs of existence and survival. We work to fend for ourselves.  Food and Flavor are inseparable.

Fashion :  Whats in vogue? You can’t be without it. The dress you wear, the cream you apply or the soap you use, its all part of fashion. A small word but too lavish in its existence. Tipy Tipy Top, What Color you what?

Farmhouse : A lavish land away from the city which has all the luxuries of life. Wow! I would want this from my farmhouse. I really hope to buy one some day.

Festivals : An annual calender without a list of festivals has no meaning, watsay? Festivals are about celebrations. They bring a fervor of fun and enjoyment. In the busy and mundane living, festive times  take us back to our home, to our culture and traditional ways.

Favor : When all things go wrong, a little favor is what you want. A favor from any God send person would do. Of course, not the bribes and under the table thingies  but I am talking about the helping hand that turns the day for us.

Friends : The sweetest people who need no description. An unsaid relationship that has no ifs and buts, but keeps us all bonded forever.

Family : They are always there for you. If it wouldn’t be them, life would be lonely.


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