Health is wealth


I am sure each one of us has heard this time and again. My Dad would often reiterate it every time when I fell ill as a kid and even today he sounds the same when he hears me talk low. I believe this oldest cliché can never be called old and it holds key to a pot of gold. We all dread illness and those are the days when we wish for a magical wand to set things right for us. You may possess the world’s glorious things in your closet but until you are fit and healthy, it holds no good for you. When we are ill, do we ever think of money? No we don’t. This is what it means that Health is wealth because money can’t buy it. It took me more than twenty years to understand this but I want my next generation to realize it soon.

Health and Kids

Lets compare the two days, a day when the kids are running around the house all happy, chirpy and active with no ailments in the body and the other day when they come back home from school with a throbbing head and hurting stomach. No wonder we pray for former days always because we love the kids happy going.

It wasn’t easy for my mum to get me into spinach but she won me over with Popeye’s cartoons. She ensured that I ate fruits and vegetables in my meals. One sneeze meant a huge lecture on the importance of daily intake of nuts and Chyawanprash. Milk was a daily on the menu. I am sure all our parents have done this but now the onus lies on us that how we pass it on to our next generation. Nowadays more than us its the kids who are enticed with junk food. They prefer television and gadgets than cycling and playing in parks. Eventually they are getting more prone to obesity, weak eyes, unhygienic habits etc. The attack of virus and bacteria often attacks the learning and developmental abilities of the kids.

A healthy child makes a happy home

A child is the apple of eye of every family and no one wants them ill. For the parents, their whole life revolves around kids. Their smile makes our day, their hug warms us and their sweet voice keeps us going. When they fall ill, the house comes down to pin drop silence and its tough to see them in pain. I had never seen my brother so worried and sad till the day his kiddo was hospitalized for the first time. The prankster in him was quite, had sullen eyes and not a smile escaped his lips. Kids are absolutely our darling. We love them and we want the best for them, don’t we?

 A strong immunity is important for children so that they grow up strong.Thus, its absolutely important to prevent them from falling ill. Lets nurture healthy food habits in ourselves so that the kids follow our steps. Children imitate elders around them therefore they must be shown what we want them to imbibe. As grown ups we must encourage a good living. More we should embrace green, non-toxic, anti oxidant ingredients in our fancy cooking styles to attract them to home made food. Other food products that keep us healthy should be made part of our routine diet. Good eating habits go a long way in keeping the ailments away. A diet that helps to build a strong immunity is a necessity and it should be encouraged in our children. Whatever way possible they must be convinced to eat food items that help fight infections and diseases.

I write all of the above and equally value the beautiful love of my parents that made Mum or Dad run after me everyday to eat a spoon of Chyawanprash and a glass of milk without a miss.

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