AISLE BE DAMNED by Rishi Pipariya

‘Swaying hips, praying lips and flying tips’

If black boxes can survive air crashes, why don’t they make the whole plane out of that stuff?’

George Carlin

I can never forget my first flight. The memories refuse to die down because I was excited to ride through the clouds and that was the day when I was introduced to a new way of travelling. In every aspect of it, air travel is different from trains, buses or cars. It’s dominated by rules from the entry gate till ones exit at another.

Air travel is complex and I say this because I am one of the traveler who loves to fly but hates to strut through distant terminals and go through check in procedures. And I dread the term technical snag. But recently, I have felt the need to praise myself for acting brave for flying through air; after all I actually put my life in the hands of a complete stranger who takes me all the way above clouds about 40,000 feet and higher. Next time, I plan to meet the pilot and thank him personally… Wat say? One of the ideas that has made its way in my mind after reading the book and articles on debacle of MH370…

The title and the cover page definitely make you turn and notice the book and the blurb prepares you for a flying experience. Before you can have a second thought, you are already thinking about your last air travel. Some of the words that will hold your attention are ‘Seamless upgrade to Business Class’, ‘Winning the affection of flight attendants’, ‘Breezing through immigration and customs’ etc..

It isn’t a chick lit or a romantic tale but a collection of facts mostly put together from personal experience. And it promises to takes you off on a virtual ride between the skies. Rishi Piparaiya’s ‘Aisle be damned’ ensures that readers get a perfect blend of laugh out loud guffaws, soft chuckles, and rosy smiles. The funny anecdotes put together touch upon every aspect of air travel right from the word when you think of air travel…

I must mention this that the book is an accumulated knowledge of tens of thousands of hours that the author has logged in flights, airports, immigration counters, baggage carousels etc. Apart from being funny, the author has been critical of some of the ways, it has been at the airport and inside the plane.

What I liked about the book?

Honest and thought provoking pick-up lines which I am sure you would have never bothered to think inside or outside the bird like vehicle, airplane.

Some of the good ones from the book are as below…

From the aisle seats, you can also make a quicker dash to the exits if required.

Center-seat occupants deserve sympathy, a pat on the back and any loose change in your wallet.

Windows provide a natural headrest.

For the center-seat occupant, the biggest dilemma arises during meal service is whether to eat or retain the elbow position….

Airport taxis all over the world, are accustomed to ripping off passengers.

If you are on the next rung of the ‘how screwed can my luck be’ ladder, you will be seated next to a parent with an infant.

Yes! The book has lot more to offer and definitely some great tips to befriend attractive co passengers. The writing style is interesting. The author tickles your funny bone uniquely and before you take your next flight you will be armed with better ways to deal with the airport ways.

However, this is not for the readers who are looking for a story, some characters, some thrill or some revenge. Also if you aren’t in the mood to reason and read funny, just don’t pick this one. Its just a satirical take which mocks at everything thats related to air travel, and thus travelers preferring trains and buses will not find much to relate in here. They have to wait until a separate book is written for their journeys and ordeals.

IF YOU WISH TO READ THE BOOK, I have three copies with me.  Shout out in the comment section and I will ask you for your address. Do share a memorable flight experience of yours, I would love to read them.

Thanks to Jaico Publishing House for sending the book.

Happy Reading!!!

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