I finished the book in 3 days snuggling with it everyday after office hours and house chores.  It is a brave man’s story.  The storyline is spaced out with thrilling twists and turns every now and then.  You would want to read it till the end to put the bits together. The first murder knocks right in the first two pages.


STORY from my eyes…

The cold blooded murder of the lawyer at Rewari, a hamlet close to New Delhi gripped me right at the outset. Next I took an immediate fondness for Andy Karan, an investigative journalist who is bold, courageous and absolutely sincere about his work. When Andy visits  Delhi-Haryana border and is brushed aside violently, one can sense that  the ploy around the place isn’t just a newspaper story but a dangerous play of minds. Soon it all comes tumbling out. The Army Intelligence Bureau, the terrorists, the magazine that he works for and the government all have been eying it. There is a foul play  in Tilkapur for sure!

Gulabo, the wife of the lawyer and the undercover officer Dewanchand come to be of help to Andy but soon the plot thickens as the miscreants go packing from Rewari. Yes, the big plan shifts its base to Mumbai and it becomes violently dangerous. By this time, Andy realizes his love for his boss Monica and thus wishes for a settled and safe life. For one moment he does decide to re-track from the case (working as a special agent since he is an ex army man) but something in him holds him back.

South Block, Rashtrapati Bhawan in Delhi and Murud Janjira in Mumbai were words picked from Tilakpur and when all put together meant something big and creepy.  The run of things and his patriotic feelings soon take Andy Karan to Mumbai where he is attacked at every nook and corner till he has a narrow escape with death and is declared dead in the eyes of the world.  The bad man happily rejoices and laughs at the culmination of the worst in his mind. He thinks he would have his way and there is no stopping.

Things becomes murkier at the enemy front. One by one, everyone is put to death…even Andy’s love life goes for a toss forever.  Andy gears up to unmask the miscreants but the enemy is unstoppable.  Read to know who wins and how.


At this point I must appreciate the author  for creating a very believable character of  Andy Karan. He is a man who is brave but of course he suffers setbacks many times. He is shown intelligent but he is outdone by the enemies too and most importantly he isn’t shown a super man. In the capacity of an ex army man, he tries his best to save the country but he suffers  himself too. 

 The naming aspect of Andy and the similarity shown from the Karan of Mahabharata was interesting. I could also relate to Andy’s love for bananas because it happens to be my favorite fruit as well.

The book is easy going, simply put in terms of jargon, thus it comes out easy for everyone to read and enjoy.



Honestly, at some instances I wasn’t convinced with the happenings taking place one after the other.  Monica’s visit to Mumbai was just not needed. Why do heroines have a sacrificial role to play in action series? The disheartening element was how can the police be so ignorant of the gravity of the situation.  They fail to sense human action at Murud. The master mind behind all the fuss in the story dint come out as a very strong character.



I liked the beginning more than the end. First half of the book is absolutely hooking, the second half isn’t so gripping. Overall, if you aren’t into chic-lits and need some easy, racy and pacy thriller, pick this one soon.


Thanks to the Author for sending the book.

I have always liked his writing style. He has a unique way of putting around things on the reader’s platter.


Book Review: A Waiting Wave by Kulpreet Yadav


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