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Today, G is for GIRLS and GOALS…

Here is a brave story of those who are exemplary of absolute passion. The story of four GIRLS running a tea stall and selling rotis to make some money to follow their heart, their love for their favorite sport. Facing all odds and challenges of society, they are set to march ahead. They dream to play for the country and hit nonstop goals….. GO GIRLS!!!

Dooars XI is an all-girl football team. The club is run by Bhabani Munda, their coach. The irony is that these girls who aim to do don’t even own a football or a pair of shoes of their own but what they possess is power to inspire us to follow our dreams. KNOW MORE ABOUT THEM  http://doright.in.




Our Beautiful and Brave Girls of Dooars XIare here to rock,
They have the zeal and the passion,
They have the strongest determination,
A tea stall they run to do something their heart wants,
And what it beats for, it desires to PLAY!
Not Cricket but FOOTBALL,
Yes! they have a club too,
Having no shoes of their own,
And  with borrowed pairs of their brothers or others,
They make big GOALS,
Some play at National level as well,
But they earn in nothings,
Just a jersey, a tracksuit and some socks,
Anything for the Love of Sports and dream to play for country.

Lets #DoRight and Support them.

This HALF STORY is from KALCHINI, West Bengal in association with TATA CAPITAL and INDIBLOGGER

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