There are some stories which are complete in themselves but yet they are called half stories because there is much more that can be done with them.  One such story is here that how two men have been using music to connect with kids, are making them learn and taking them closer to education.

Bauls (Bengalis),  are a small section of people who have been practicing Baul Sangeet, a particular type of folk music in and around West Bengal.  This is the story of Sanjay Khyapa & Basudev Das Baul who are spreading their love of music to small kids and connecting them to schools and education. Basudev Das Baul is passionate about music and he runs a Baul music ashram in Shantiniketan while Sanjay Khyapa has no particular home to say. He travels and spreads music wherever he goes. As an observation the two men noticed that the kids in the villages were not taking interest in visiting schools, meals were the only attraction for them.

They charmed the kids with their music and promised them to teach Guitar & Dotara in exchange of their regular visits to schools. The kids happily attend their schools and learn music later. The tribal kids have nothing to pay and these two guys teach them all for the sake of music and good cause. The attendance in school had shown considerable improvement and thus music has turned out to be a winner.

We must come together to donate or spread the word about the Half story. The two good souls and practitioners of music are looking forward to taking it to other villages and to other kids as well. For this they need to buy instruments.  Lets help them through donations or spreading a word about them. To read more about them check below.

HALF STORY : Living a dream of educating all at 9,900 km above sea level

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