Ever imagined how life would be if we had no alphabets, no words, no sentences in our life? We wouldn’t be able to express anything nor interact. There wouldn’t be a meaning to anything. Words say and pictures depict. Words put together a meaning and pictures are their visual representations. Both have their own way of making an impact. A combination of both makes a great poster!

Great words must be used as reminders and should be shared and spread across too.

Some combination of words can cause huge impact.

There is a new boss in the office. I have been noticing that he has unique ways of doing things and he is a charmer too. Recently, my visit to his cubicle has reminded me of a long lost hobby of collecting and sharing inspirational posters.

Since I work in service sector, my office is more about work and delivery. Its nothing close to inspiring. Our workspaces are absolutely boring and non glamorous. The cubicles are lonely except a few organizational charts hanging here and there. However,  this new boss indifferent to others has decked up his cubicle beautifully. He absolutely seems to believe in the power of words, pictures, creativity and constant reminders. I have never seen so many posters together at one place, his cabin.

Recently, I had a chance to visit his cabin and I came back awed and inspired. I noticed many things in his room that pleased my eyes. There were decorative paper cups, sketches done on paper cut-outs, hand written notes and inspirational posters hanging on the walls. It all felt so beautiful, creative and colorful. A few minutes in his room were damn motivating. I loved it all and I wondered why I had not thought of putting up any of it in my cubicle.

Hostel was the last place where I had flaunted my posters collection. Away from homes, hostel was one place where we would vent out our creativity at its best. I remember decorating at least 4 to 5 posters in my room. They talked of many things like determination, success, goals, life, family etc to keep me upbeat and charged all the time. The family frame and even letters from my parents would be a part of my decoration. But after that, the age of posters was totally gone. I never bothered to put any in my bedroom nor in my study though my love for them has been old. As a kid too, I remember having a cute little picture of ‘Moon and stars in the sky’ decorated on the wall of my room. There were two words which said ‘Sweet Dreams’ and they would look so pleasing every night when I slept. It was a little reminder that everything in the day went well and now it was time to sleep and be lost in dreams that would be sweet. And now  I miss that picture in my room.

And thus I take back home a lesson that our small habits in life hold great importance. We shouldn’t leave them. My love for posters is back. I have been exploring many online sites to order some for my house and cubicle. In fact posters make a great gifting option too. Anyone whose headed for a change or is embarking a new journey deserves a quote to take along them. Don’t forget to gift a poster this time and wait for yours impatiently.

Truly, the constant reminder factor and the pleasing effect of words and pictures does work wonders. And there are many times in the day when we need the push and motivation to keep it going. Words inspire!

I came across this site below and I thought of sharing it with all my readers.

Instila – Adding Inspiration to Every Moment


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