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10th October is celebrated as International Girl Child Day.  On this day, UNICEF is coming forward with a strong message and mass campaign to end violence against girl child by launching

“yeah hui naa baap wali baat” music video by Ryan Beifus

Here is the video after the launch

The post that I wrote before the event….

I have always been shocked about how a boy child is always loved and wanted over female child.  I condemn female foeticide. But the girl child woes are not just it, some shocking stats are as below:


21% of girls in India, 12 million, have been subjected to physical violence since age 15

–          4.5%  of girls aged 15 to 19, 2.6 million, have suffered some form of sexual violence.

–          13% of girls aged 15 to 19 married or in union suffered from sexual violence

Recently, a three years old girl child Jhanvi went missing in Delhi. She was kidnapped from India Gate when she was playing with her family friends. Except the parents and the close ones it did not panic anyone because such news are like everyday affairs.  Children are forced in to begging, they are hit, abducted and physically abused so often. We know it all but we keep silent. Also imagine for most of them who belong to the underprivileged class, the cruelties done to them do not even find a place in the newspapers.

After three days thankfully the three kid was rescued but in most of the cases children don’t return back home. Most of the times we read such articles as news because we aren’t directly affected but when it happens in the family, thunder strikes.  Coming back to Jhanvi’s story, I also read that when the young girl was crying in the market where she was spotted by a 21 yr old boy, there were many people in the buzzing market but none came forward to help her. How shocking is this? Thankfully there was one boy who thought of helping her and thus she was rescued.  I wonder how self obsessed we have become in our lives that we don’t even bother to reach out to a crying child. From this incident, I take a lesson myself that next time I see a child in need of help, I will not shy away from doing the needful.

However, severe violence exists in our society. Its shameful but it thrives. Young girls and boys are abused and physically tortured and the numbers are extremely high for females. I wonder what kind of people are those who have the heart to harm children.

Lets join UNICEF and be catalysts of change within society. For long we have been bystanders, onlookers.  We love passing the buck to others,  “You should…”, “The Government should…”, this time lets say  I can #ENDviolence because #ItStartsWithMe !!!

Yes, we can definitely do our part by ensuring that such acts do not take place in our surroundings and we do not shy away from bringing the culprit to law-book.  As parents too sometimes  act blind to save a family member or they feel it will impact their image in society, such parents need to change their perspective and act for their own children.

10th October

To fortify the importance of providing enabling environment for the Girl Child, UNICEF India is conducting the launch of a music video “Yea Hui Naa Baap walli Baat” by Ryan Beifus as part of #ItStartsWithMe campaign to celebrate International Girl Child Day.  The emotive music is composed to inspire men to stand up for the rights of girls, their right to an education, to protection against violence and their right to no early marriage.

Ryan Beifus was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and has worked in over 50 countries on human rights as composer and music video producer.

Bollywood and the Sports World has come forward to support UNICEF’s Campaign to #ENDviolence against children.

On the Day of the Girl Child, tomorrow is the launch of the Baap Waali Baat song on 10 October

Kareena Kapoor, Virendra Sehwag, Priyanka Chopra, Rahul Bose, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Farhan Akhtar and Saina Nehwal can be seen and heard standing by the theme.

Watch the video:

I  scribbled two lines with respect to the cause.

I may not be your daughter but treat me no different.
You may not be my father but do stand for me because I wish to respect you no different.

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