India has been called the golden bird in history. In the past like it enamored the traders with its gold and richness, today its  expanding economy seems a lucrative market to investors world over.  Not only the Indian talent is being invited world over but also the country itself is becoming a magnet for foreigners. Our distinctive and varied culture attracts huge number of foreign tourists every year . No doubt we have a huge population, but the talent and education in India is well appreciated. Creative and strong headed people are proving their prowess on the global map.

If you have a passion for peace and commitment to practice non-violence, I am sure you know the honored man from India, the Father of the Nation, Mahatama Gandhi.  He has been a figure of inspiration for countries that have undergone suppression and more. He was the man who stood for each one and he preached the same to every one. While in Oslo I loved his poster hanging outside the Nobel Peace Prize Center, I equally felt proud to see his statue in Bali next to the World Peace Gong.  From London to America his memorials, paintings, sculptures, and statues are hosted world over.  Through his principles, globally people are more Indian than we think. 

World Peace Gong in Bali

Incredible India!

Did you know UK’s town Leicester in East Midlands celebrates Diwali grandly? It was the place where Indians were openly unwelcome years ago and today the people there celebrate grandest Diwali outside India. People from different communities enjoy the spirit of Diwali together. When I was in Oslo on one of the Diwali night and with limited resources, I celebrated it in my own unique Indian way.

This year Ethiopians Joined Hands With Indians to Celebrate Diwali

I did not know that Glasglow, Scotland hosts one of the grandest Durga Puja celebrations outside India until my best friend shifted base there. It is celebrated with great fun and fervor in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, UK, USA etc too.
Holi known by the name of Phagwa is celebrated with great gusto in the twin island states of Trinidad and Tobago. Other places where this festival of colors is celebrated are South Africa, Surinam, Guyana, Nepal, Mauritius and more.

 Indianization, its happening globally!

Saree has always been popular as a wonder drape and now even Hollywood has fallen for it.

In 2009, Suneet Verma, the famous Indian designer,  did the designing of the international collection ofAmerican luxury brand Judith Leiber.

Manish Arora is a known one in Paris Fashion Week. Katy Perry wore his Carousel dress at MTV Europe Music Awards. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, MIA love his work too. In 2012, he was roped in to work as the creative-artistic director for Spanish brand Paco Rabanne.

Mumbai-based Falguni and Shane Peacock’s work is flaunted by many international celebrities at functions, celebrity events, runways. Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton wore the works of Indian designers Tarun Tahiliani and Rocky S when they visited India.

Madonna in Saree

Need I say more, our Indian designers are going great guns and world is looking up to their good work. They have created a niche for themselves on the global platform and their artistic work is already making waves in the fashion capitals of the world London, Paris, Milan and New York.

The Indian Tadka is becoming appetizing on the Global Platter

 Yes, Upma, the south Indian breakfast won the maximum votes for being the most staple breakfast. It beat many global platters to be on a larger gastronomical map. International dishes are being spiced up to Indianize them. Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor and Chef Harpal Singh are quite popular world over. We don’t have just one type but we have much to boast in different styles like Goan, Punjabi, South Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Mughlai and even Parsi food.

India! India, I was excited to read the article on Google news which says that two of the top ten YouTube food channels globally are from India! The world is searching for Indian recipes, believe me. Nisha Madhulika is a housewife from Noida and her recipe videos are most sought after.

You have a Little India in many south Asian countries and Benares Indian Restaurant and Balti no 1 Restaurant rock in UK.  Indian Wine and Biryani is best at Safran in Paris.

 Top of Europe is mesmerized with Bollywood since Yash Raj took us to Zurich through Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Shahrukh Khan in Europe and Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in Africa are absolutely famous. I am telling you from my personal experience when young boys in Stockholm and Zurich both sang the song ‘ Kuch kuch hota hai’ for me and my husband and later an African colleague said he couldn’t understand Hindi but knew all the lyrics of AB’s songs. Thats the fascination for our Indian men. No second thoughts to this that Indian women have always been considered amazingly beautiful.


Indians are on a way to set a new trend. And its interesting to hear the newly coined words- “British Indian” or “Indian American”. Greetings world over mean the same more or less but I remember getting surprised when a foreigner told me that he absolutely loved Namastey and he had taught his children too. But I laughed at his wish when he said that once he would like to live in Taj Mahal with his wife.

We Indians too love the global brands and we adore them more when they give an Indian touch to their services.  Yes! Lufthansa claims they are More Indian Than We Think… so good to know this.. Cheers!!!

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