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You all know that , I am die hard romantic one , completely swear by SRK and his films and romance is a genre that always thrills me.  So when one of my closest friend @Prankyy decided to review this book , I was more than happy to host the column on my blog. This is what she has to say about one of the mushiest romantic novel that she has picked up off late.
Many a times we all dream live in our wonderlands. It is a world that is not just beautiful and perfect but also free from confusions , heartbreaks, anger and hate. Wow! That sounds like amazing corner of the world but then, no such perfect place exists in reality. Because we as human beings are not perfect , we are fallible , we fail , we create confusions , we express our anger in as many ways that we can and that eventually leads to heart breaks.

Love lasts forever By Vikrant Khanna – Is a story of that real world , a world that exists beyond the honey moon period, beyond the rosy promises of love and beyond all admirations of love.

Every love story goes through trials and relationships are tested to their core. This book depicts all those nuances of a relationship.
Two love stories set in two different generation , still have similar challenges . A unique setting of a ship which eventually gets hijacked adds a freshness to the storyline. Though the mush may get too much to handle beyond a point but in the end it is all worth it. The feeling of being in love , falling into it and falling out of it – all these have been described soulfully by the author.

Will the two men be able to conquer those challenges and re gain the love that they always thought lasts forever ?

Go find out.
A very relatable book , will make you think and re-think the way you approach love and relationships in your life.
— Reviewed by @Prankyy
This review is her personal view on the book and the review copy was sent to her from

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