Last year when I attended Mind Rocks 2013 in New Delhi, a youth summit organized by India Today I was completely floored at the end of the day. In one single day I had got to see and hear from the best of best. The star brigade was absolutely impressive. For days, the inspiring take-away quotes from the event had lingered on in my mind.  Since then I have always been catching up with its live streaming when its held in other cities. However, now was the time for it to return to Delhi and I was anxious to cover the event live. Honestly, I would also confess that being invited to events of such grand stature are perks to bloggers and I love them. There is no doubt about it that the events organized by India Today group are one of the best.

If I was asked to describe Mind Rocks in one sentence, I would say it is a great programme that has been designed to help the youth realize their own potential after hearing from the youth icons in real. Inspiring talks provide great fuel to both mind and heart and the school-college children must attend such sessions. I wish things like this happened ten years back when I had joined college. When I hear the icons talk now, the realization that descends on me is that success is not about a day’s work and passion needs to be complemented with utmost perseverance.

Let me take you around the event that rocked this Saturday in New Delhi at Siri Fort Auditorium. The below stage was set afire by ideas, interactions, politics music, fashion, dance and performances.

The guest list was power packed. To begin with India’s  power and coal minister, Mr. Piyush Goyal charged up the audience by assuring that the power crisis would have a solution soon. His outspoken nature and confident attitude was amazing. His image revamp advises to Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal were on the mark absolutely. His consulting background made him sound an intellectual politician. Taking forward the government’s thought process he urged the youth to join to be a part of nation’s growth. Personally I liked this well-read, energetic and inspiring minister. Honestly, I am not very fond of politics but I am sure smart and promising ministers of such kinds will very soon get the nation’s youth take interest in politics.


Soon walked in the Ishqzaada boy Arjun Kapoor. He looked charming and handsome. It sounded unbelievable when he said that he was 140 kg a few years ago. And he said that now flaunting his six packs on a magazine cover page was no less than a proud moment for him. Keeping his talk full of enthusiasm and entertainment he talked out his new film ‘Finding Fanny’.


Deepika Padukone walked in to an overwhelming reception from the young fans. The Siri fort auditorium echoed with applause. She looked ravishing in checkered dress. Not just a glimpse but hearing her talk so closely was an icing on the cake. She sounded so grounded when she said that 2013 was all about her hits but she also remembers that she had 2010 which had equal number of flops. To add more she said that it was the power of her mind which pulled her back from the lull period of her career. The best take away from her was when she said it was important that we all realize our strengths. When she told about her daily schedule, it sounded so rigorous and it resurrected the thought that hard work is the key to success and nothing comes easy.

Also Deepika said that she loves food and the assurance that she is around food makes her truly happy. Interesting indeed!!! I wonder what and how she eats to maintain that hour glass figure.

Keeping up the momentum of the show, politics was tabled up when there was a discussion around public office reinvention. AAP leader Manish Sisodia, BJP MP Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Congress leader Haroon Yusuf and BJP leader Satish Upadhyay were in conversation with Rahul Kanwal. There was a face-off around the formation of Delhi government between BJP and AAP representatives and also it was fun to be a part of the youth poll that happened there. It was evident from the results that the children also knew that AAP had not done the right thing by giving up on the Delhi government in haste. It was pleasing to see the enthusiasm shown by the youth towards political affairs. It proved that politics was a matter of their interest too and they were alert and aware of the political situation of the country.



To connect a line between women empowerment and sports there was a special theme centered around female cricketers and wrestlers. Jhulan Goswami and Mithali Raj, the baller and captain of women’s cricket team talked about their challenges and aspirations. The power-packing, sporty, real sisters Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari, who have taken India to a great platform internationally through their wrestling marvels were also there to talk about their diet plan, daily regime, wrestling, fame, life, women bias etc. Each one had their own stories of hardwork and they iterated that one has to give their best, work hard and make sacrifices to be successful in life. The hours of labor put in never goes waste. So true!!!



After the lunch, the entertainment quotient was pumped up once again on the stage when walked in VJ Andy and Sophie Choudry. ‘Vote for Andy’ was one of the famous one liner from the last season of Bigboss. Together they talked about the reality shows on television hinting us that many things had to be done for the TRPs. However, the people on the shows do not act everytime but are real too. It was inspiring to know that Sophie was a studious girl who had given up everything to follow her passion of singing and dancing. Andy was cute and Sophie looked smart.



Suneet Varma, the fashion icon was a treat for the fashion lovers and designers in the making. He talked about his initial days when his education was termed equivalent to a tailor’s job and how he paid no heed to other but marched ahead with his passion. He also talked about his sexual identity and said that one has to be honest with oneself, its important. Overall, the Nice guy of the fashion industry came out to be a warm person. One interesting thing that he said was, ‘ I myself can’t afford to buy my dresses’.


Kunal Bahl, CEO of snapdeal was impressive and he put across amazing confidence. There was so much to learn from him in that small session. He rightfully said that one has to give in their best but if things don’t work out you have to move on to next. He talked about the initial days when in real his shoes souls would give away due to the running around he would do to make his business idea work. He also said that every successful business model was not what it was conceived initially, it is the bye product of changes that come along with due course of time. Also there was no winning mantra, each one had to unearth their own course in life. Personally, I loved his session and it was an inspiring one for entrepreneurs in the making.

Bhagwant Mann, the Member of Parliament from AAP party got us in laughters and splits. His session was the USP of the event. He tickled our funny bones with  his talks laced with comic timings. I must complement him the way he pictured the realities of life, politics, country beautifully in entertaining poems. The guy is blessed with amazing sense of humor and is no less than a well read person. I can bet he convinced many people that we need more members like him in the parliament. Our politics does need it sense of humor. He absolutely fits the bill to be called  a super star comedian. I loved his part of the event absolutely.

Rabbi Shergill is truly the sardar of Sufi music. Period. There is no second thought about it. His songs are mesmerizing and to hear him talk about his life was melodious too.


The story of Shubh Kaur Ghumman was emotionally touching. It gave me goose bumps and from the center of my heart I wish great success for this brave heart women who dances beautifully on her one leg. She hates being called a handicap and of course she isn’t one of them. She does more than a two legged person can do. At the age of 23, I am sure it must have been hardest thing to decide to do away with one of her leg but today she is no less than anyone. She has a burning desire to prove to everyone that she could do wonders and today when you see her dance, you have to believe it that she is no less than a wonder girl who has overcome all odds. Believe me she does two hours of  gymming everyday…amazing, Isn’t it? I was in tears after her talk.


To end it all in style, the famous rapper Honey Singh walked up to enthrall the audience. Decked up fashionably in black and white, the guy looked smart. He looked  all set to take on the world with his musical passion. Rabbi too complemented him by saying that Yo Yo had mastered the art of making an amazing human connect with music lovers. The children went mad about him and he floored us all with his live concert. The crowd rocked and rolled passionately. It was so much fun to dance to the tunes of Honey Singh singing live.

Later, to end the show Rabbi played his famous numbers and mesmerized the audience. My personal favorite ‘Challa’ was once again sung so beautifully by him. It was absolutely a day to remember with an evening set ablaze with musical notes. A cheerful me returned home with great memories and educative, real life quotes to relish for days to come.

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