3 Special Things that Happened this Weekend….


       I flew to GOA to attend a blogging meet (all expense paid trip)

       Met the fastest Indian, Narain Kartikayen

       Drove the car thats yet to hit the market… TATA ZEST     🙂 🙂 🙂






Met Narain Kartikayen






Last Weekend, I had no inkling that I would be spending the following Weekend driving, photo shooting, blogging, mingling with bloggers, Zesting up in Goa. It feels like a dream while I am reliving my experiences through writing my piece in Goa.

Blogging is just amazing. One gets to live exciting experiences. And this one was ONE of those…. rather first of its kinds, first of first.  Yours truly was shortlisted among the top 50 bloggers to take a all ZEST experience in Goa. A ride that was smooth and perfect full of great twists and turns.  A journey that came loaded with lots of FUN, FREEDOM and HAPPINESS.

 So here how it started, a contest mail arrives from Blogadda… it says write about five things that add ZEST to your life…. I blog my post for the contest with the prayer under my breath that I wanna win the all paid trip to Goa… (be among the ten winners).

In next 3 days the result is to be declared… I keep my fingers crossed. BUT, before the heartbreak if any,  I have a special invite in my inbox waiting to be read with bright and gleaming eyes!!! Hurray, I bag myself a special invite to the whole ZEST EXPERIENCE… First thing I do not believe its true, when I realize it has happened, I read it all and jump high in the air… Its Wednesday and I can’t wait for  Saturday…


SATURDAY finally arrives…. YES, YESTERDAY it was (26th July 2014)

Tickets sorted… Check in done… Fight timings perfect… Kudos to the Blogadda team. Bloggers love the pamper all the time..

And at the Airport in Delhi, the fun begins..

Eight of us in the flight together on the way to GOA…. Oh yes!!! The ROCKSTAR gang from NCR was all set for ZESTY trip.

In 2 and a half hours, I was at GOA airport.  The Mumbai and Bangalore gang of bloggers had flown in just yet and we all met. I actually identified a few faces from the small profile pictures because I had know them virtually on the social media platforms but had never met them. It felt great to meet people who had been among my constant supporters and had often pampered me with their lovely comments.

AIRPORT to ZURI RESORTS, GOA-—  We Traveled on a coach/bus  packed with bloggers from Mumbai and Delhi and Bangalore, pre-arranged by TATA motors!!! Breathing in the through the countryside view of Goa and the lovely lanes, we reached the place where all the fun was to happen. Thanks Blogadda and TATA motors with the warmest welcome ever. The love you gave us is beyond words.

After the passionate welcome, we had quick bites at lunch to pep us up for evening sessions. Next 3 hours were SUperrrb!!! The Top 50 Bloggers meet in the Unicorn Hall,  the escape to the resort beach with the spread of white sands, catching the sight of the sunset, attending the Masterclass session with Narain Kartikayen and grabbing on the dinner.

MasterClass was a a delicious session wherein the team behind the TATA ZEST conceptualization came forward to tell us everything behind the scene. DESIGN NEXT , CONNECT NEXT and DRIVE NEXT were the terminologies added in my dictionary for like forever… Everything from the color, to the sling body to the baked steel material, we learnt it all… Until Narain Kartikein walked in to tell us more.. What an exciting experience t it was to meet him and get clicked with the first Indian F1 racer.  The car talk appealed to me and Yes!!! I was all geared up to take the test drive next day. The 29 first-in- class reasons that ZEST has come up definitely makes it stand class apart in the 4 meter range.

The dinner, blogger talks, networking, post dinner chats led to the great sleep in the night…


SUNDAY… Agenda of the day… TEST DRIVE… both the models of the car… Manual and Automatic….

We met, we ganged up in groups of three and just rocked through the lanes of GOA…. 24 kms route it was with 2 stops in between. Yes.. I did take a test drive on the Manual one… and the car is Pretty Cool. Driving through Goa in the rains was an experience that would always be special.  Especially flying bloggers from all over the country and bringing them under the same roof for 2 days was absolutely an amzaing idea. Thanks Blogadda for making it all happen in the most beautiful way.

What a great experience it has been till now….2 days have just been so different…And the fun is still going live till I leave for Delhi at 4. The hangover is gonna last for days so keep coming back for more.




 Happy Blogging!!!

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