3 days in the city away from the noise!!!!

There are ideas waiting to explode on paper, there are scenes waiting to be lived, there are characters churning in my mind…. The story writer in me reminds me often, its high time to complete the book that I have always wanted….Ya, I know! I sigh! I keep telling myself the day is not far I will hold it soon because I have nursed this dream for long now but I am half done yet. I am sure we have similar stories as aspiring authors.

The mundane routine, the household chores, the commitments at work, and the two lives that we live does not bless us with enough time for us. And I am yet to come at peace with mind and soul and be lost in my writings. I dream of days when I could write all day and be disturbed by none. I need someone to hone my skills and help me Did some one say I need a sabbatical?  Oh! thats a long wait…maybe, maybe not!

Love for Writing and getting Published couldn’t have met anything better than this. And  I came across the below program through a common friend and took no time in dialing the number. The conversation has really been convincing. Give it a try right away!!!


The three day event is absolutely awesome. I am quite excited to join it. The purpose of writing my post is that I wanna share this with all my friends. I really hope its turns out useful and wonderful.  Will definitely write about my experience there.

I am already looking forward to making friends with the team at ‘Write and Beyond’

Kanchana Banerjee is a writing coach trained at the London School of Journalism who has written newspaper and magazines features in most leading publications of India, besides writing assignments for various corporate clients. She is also a short story writer who has nearly completed her first novel . She conducts online writing courses for clients globally through her venture Writeword.

Kiran Chaturvedi is a sociologist and ex consumer insights researcher with over 13 years of corporate work experience, who has been learning and practicing the mind body wellness connection for more than 10 years. She is also the founder of Birdsong & Beyond, a bespoke travel and experience design company, themed around a deep nature, culture and self connect.

Moitreyee Chatterjee is a senior publishing mentor and editorial consultant, with almost 3 decades of industry experience, who has recently turned entrepreneur with her new publishing venture. She mentors authors under her brand Quill Publishing & Editorial Services.


Peek in at the Guest List….

16th May
Nirupama Subramanian is a writer, mother, executive coach, wife, reader, traveler and yoga aspirant, not necessarily in that order.

17th May
Rickie Khosla is a former market research professional who has taken a sabbatical to nurture his writing dreams.

Mohit Bakshi is media professional and coach who teaches writing, film direction and film making.

18th May
Shammi Manik is a Marketing, Sales and Strategy Leader with over 26 years of experience with Education Technology and Publishing companies – Orient Longman (now Orient Blackswan), Oxford University Press, India and Taylor & Francis Group India.

Bikash Niyogi is Managing Director, Niyogi Books, one of India’s youngest publishing houses.

Santosh Desai is a leading brand communication professional. His long running and popular “City City Bang Bang” column in TOI looks at contemporary Indian society from an everyday vantage point.


Happy Writing!!!

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