Mom and Me, Mumma

MUMMA… Mumma, U are Mine, Most Adorable one….

Mom, I thank you for giving birth to me, for loving me for what I am, for trusting me for my decisions, for encouraging me through my falls and laughing with me and making all my days so wonderful.

Mom, when I am away, I miss your morning fragrance, your tender touch, the cuddly hugs, fondly pecks, lovely caress, cozy laps and the warm sunshine smile!

Mom, I wish to tell you that you are most beautiful lady, you are the best cook, a wise woman and a great teacher who has played a great role in carving a better part of me.

Mom, I wonder how skillfully you balance us all, Daddy, me, the family, friends, relatives and still you never desire to weigh your sacrifices with anything in return.

Mom, there is not a day I spend without your thought because you are and will always be the sweetest and loveliest person for me on this Earth.


This one is for the special day of Mothers Day.

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