Uncle Scrooge, Skyscanner


My brothers and I started living with Uncle Scrooge when Papa joined the Navy and Mumma went along with him. 

Our Uncle happens to be a very rich duck and extremely particular of the ways that he spends his money.  Though he is the richest member of The Billionaires Club of Duckburg, he often says that his money is “just petty cash” so that we wouldn’t assume that his money is for mere enjoyment and fun. There are many stories about Uncle McDuck that he loves diving, swimming, resting over the coins accumulated by him over the years and I can vouch for them.

Huey (I) , Dewey, Louie

In the picture in the left, its me with my brothers. We leave no stone unturned in driving our dear Uncle mad. Before we go on our next mis-adventure I must introduce you to my brothers.  On the leftmost, I am Huey and I am fond of red.  My brothers Dewey can be seen sporting a blue dress and Louie is all about green.  On the other times, when we love to look identical, we go for black. 

Recently on a sunny Sunday, Uncle Scrooge nabbed three of us playing a prank on him. And then what followed was wisdom talk. However, this time it was different because he offered us a deal. He  wanted us to be serious in life. He said that  if he gave us certain amount of money what would each of us want to do. 

Dewey as always was quick on this, he wanted to grow up as a detective and hence he asked to get trained under someone renowned. Louie wanted the money to setup a photo studio. My brothers were quite impressive and Uncle Scrooge quite easily agreed to shell out some money if they could prepare a business plan and convince him. 

But, I was yet to come up with a big plan and I murmured, I wanna TRAVEL and SEE THE WORLD.  I studied a smile on his face.. What a relief it was!!! But I knew it was not going to be easy when he said I would have to choose a place where I could experience a natural phenomena and more than that give him the least EXPENSIVE TRAVEL PLAN.

He gave us a WEEK’s time.

We knew it would be the hardest thing to convince Uncle Scrooge to shell out money from his pocket. Dewey and Louie got busy to rake their heads while I reached out to take help from books to learn about places and experiences of travel. After lots of hard work I found out that there is a place called Northern Lights where one could experience  shimmering and dancing colorful lights.


Uncle Scrooge was all set to gauge us with our plans and he really wasn’t convinced with what my brothers had to say.  Next followed my turn. I relived everything the way things had been. I told them about Northern Lights where I could experience natural phenomenon and showed them some captivating pictures too which I had collected from the photo books. Uncle Scrooge quite loved the place. I told everyone more about it that Northern Lights were natural phenomena wherein colorful lights show dance displays over the Earth. In the northern hemisphere they are called aurora borealis and in the southern hemisphere they are known as aurora australis.

Uncle Scrooge was more interested to know the Dollars behind the Plan now….

My Travel Plans to NORTHERN LIGHTS

Here, came the chance when I told him about SKYSCANNER, a magical site that had everything to make my journey easy and inexpensive. It had been my greatest find after days of hard work. The site had everything that was needed to convince Uncle Scrooge.  I had compared the rates from several other competing sites and found this one most inexpensive of all. My travel, hotel, car needs were sorted all at one place precisely.

I was sure Uncle Scrooge, who valued every penny of money was going to love this one for sure .

I was all set to impress Uncle Scrooge with SKYSCANNER.

Uncle Scrooge asked me how did I conclude that this was the best rate.

I was quick to put that Skyscanner helps to compare rates. It  shows all available rates and one can choose the best from the results.

Uncle scanned my list carefully. Every dollar spent needed a worthy explanation to pass his eyes. I could see he wasn’t complaining.

I shared my complete budget plan on excel. Uncle Scrooge was really impressed. He had always been very meticulous about his work and business and he liked my efforts.  The best was he was absolutely convinced to part with some of his hard earned and safely kept dollars.

I was on top of Dewey and Louie because my PLAN had impressed uncle Scrooge. My SKYSCANNER ADVENTURE was approved.

Did I tell you the SURPRISE that Uncle Scrooge took all of us for the adventure. We used SKYSCANNER, the magical wizard to plan a trip for four of us in the best possible way and the adventure for Northern Lights was amazing.

When Skyscanner could convince stingy UNCLE SCROOGE to spend money, it can convince anyone on Earth.

Happy Skyscanning.

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