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The world is wide and vast, its people are amass and its glories are too many. Thank God we have our two little eyes to show us the best of all.  We see a  beautiful form of life and we call it many names- pretty , attractive, beauteous, bonny (also bonnie), comely, cute, drop-dead because we know what it looks like. Think of them who aren’t so lucky!

Come Lets change the way we ‘SEE things around Us’

I have 3 little stories to share… 

  • A little boy loses a pencil a day. His parents are perturbed. Father says-‘ Is he so dumb that he loses one everyday’. Mum – ‘Someone is stealing it everyday, there are thieves in the school’.  When they meet the teacher at PTM, she says- ‘Your son loves making friends and he gifts a pencil to a new friend everyday.’  Whats the take? This reminds us that nowadays we hardly trust others around us and we have absolutely forgotten that people with good intentions exist. High time that we start seeing things around us differently and in positive spirit. Not everyone has bad intentions.

  •  Two children are playing in the park. They are creating a ruckus. I sit and observe them. Their father comes and sits next to me. The children are yelling, throwing sand, grass and leaves at each other. I begin to question the parenting lessons of the man sitting next to me. I try to ignore but his two rowdy kids do not let me focus on my book. I turn and ask- Why don’t you ask them to calm down and play soberly?   The man smiles and say- Not today! Their mother is being discharged from hospital after 2 months of critical illness. My children are happy and I want them to celebrate. The moment I heard his story, my perception about the whole scene, his kids changed with a blink of an eye. Realization followed, so soon we judge others without even taking some time to analyze the situation and their action. Yes, I have decided I will look for the truth first. Its not fair to be hasty in judging people. 
  • The recent Nepal earthquake. The pictures from the affected areas were heart-wrenching. I was talking about it to someone in the Delhi metro and I casually said- ‘I wonder why it happens that nature keeps doing this? Sometimes it tsunami, sometimes its earthquake or otherwise monsoons, floods and others. A teen-age girl turned and replied ‘Its nature’s way of reminding us that open your eyes people and care for me and its God’s way of telling us that we need to value our family, our friends and our people in need around us because they may be gone any day and we would regret. It was my lesson- l must see, grab every opportunity and appreciate the beauty around me!


Have you pledged your eyes yet? I dare to ask this because I have already done the good to mine!

A decade ago, it was Aishwarya Rai and later Amitabh Bachchan who would talk about eye donation and  I was inspired. Now, I am gladdened to see a video like this. It hits us right there where it should.  Let me elaborate more about it. With this video, Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital wants people to change the way they see the world in general and eye donation in particular.

More than 2.5 lakh blind people could benefit from corneal transplants from donated eyes. But there is a serious lack of awareness around eye donation. Data from the Union Health Ministry revealed that more than 50% of eyes donated in 2014 had gone to waste due to infections or delay of collection! It’s time for a change! Do spread the message.

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